California Almonds

I was asked as a mother who’s busy (I can see the Husband laughing at that comment) running around after two little ones (they can run faster) if I wanted to snack on some California Almonds for 21 days to see if it made a difference to my life. Now I actually jumped at this proposal, I never find myself snacking and if I do it’s usually on a packet of biscuits where I can never just stop at the one. I know I’m not the only one who does that. I also found myself often hungry when out and about, I’m always so preoccupied with making sure I have enough fruit & snacks packed for the boys that I never think of myself.

And did it make a difference to my life?

Yes! I wasn’t reaching for biscuits anymore when at home I just grabbed a packet of Almonds and sat there snacking. They kept me going until lunch/dinner time, and I even found myself reaching for the bananas because they complimented the Almonds so well. So at the same time, it was encouraging me to snack healthily.

When out and about I found my stomach wasn’t rumbling as much because if I needed a snack, I simply reached for my little tin of Almonds. I found myself using another tin to keep some Almonds in both my handbag and changing bag. Saved on the pennies, I guess out, and about I would have been tempted to drift off to the local bakery which usually leads to both a savoury and cake. Instead, pops out the tin, pops in Almonds. Satisfied tummy and purse. Keeps me going until I get home and use the food I’ve bought in a shop.

I urge you to go and check out the health benefits to Almonds for yourself, on top of all I’ve said they’ve been a healthy snack for me to reach out and consume each day. My next challenge for myself is to hunt down some recipes with which I can use my California Almonds.