The One Where We Nearly Called The Fire Brigade

Kids Fire Engines
We had our first ‘stuck’ incident today. It wasn’t something we expected until at least the age of 5 where he wanted to nose at something and show how got his head stuck in some bars. I still very much anticipating this happening. That day wasn’t today, though.

Instead, we had a locked door incident in the downstairs toilet from where it was locked from the inside with just one four year old stood behind the door. It was a major EEK moment where I thought I would have to call the paramedics simply at the horror which was coming from the man’s face. I shooed him back into the living room as I just knew he would either get angry or panic, my money being on the panic. I think we were to blame; I don’t think I’ve explaining to him about locks on doors and how we probably shouldn’t be using them at this age. It was yesterday when we had a friend and her offspring around that I think he learnt the lock was on the door from the older children. Reminding me that if we don’t teach him things, he will learn them from other people.

The 4-year-old didn’t panic as much as what I thought he would; he didn’t seem to care. Which I guess was good, a hysterical child would have just made the situation much worse. Thankfully we’ve got one of those locks where it just simply needed a screwdriver to turn it to open it from the outside. If that wouldn’t have opened it, I guess it would have been a call to the fire brigade to get my child out of the bathroom. Which would have been highly embarrassing and would of most likely resulted in me having to buy a new door.