New Purple Stokke MyCarrier

We have some hot off the press news from Stokke!!

They’ve released some new additions to the Stokke MyCarrier family after it’s successful global launch of the Stokke MyCarrier.

The Stokke MyCarrier fits in well the likes of the Stokke Xplory where connection really is the key. Baby is high, facing the world and seeing what we get to see at the same time as being close enough to us to continue that comfort that had from the moment they were placed in the womb. The MyCarrier was developed to support the changing needs of a baby with its innovative adjustable seating position which supports the bottom, thighs and pelvis using what they call the ‘Happy Hips’ position, assuring for comfortable and ergonomically support.

Stokke MyCarrier Purple

Like most Stokke products it adapts to the needs and age of your child, it’s a unique 3 in 1 carrier concept that allows us to keep baby close to us while on the go. I have carried the Baby in the front mode in both the facing me and facing outward position, we’ve used it from day one since he was a newborn and continue to do so now as he approaches his first birthday. When he hits 12 months we’re going to put the MyCarrier on our backs and have a go at carrying him that way; the creative design allows us to put the baby into the carrier before attaching it to our backs making it safe and comfortable for both me and baby to use.

Stokke MyCarrier Purple

The award-winning Stokke MyCarrier made from organic cotton is now available in purple to coordinate with the stroller collection. As well as releasing a new colour, they’ve also released the Stokke MyCarrier Bib which was designed to keep your carrier clean and dribble free!

Stokke MyCarrier Purple