The Stokke Xplory Winter Kit

One of the many bonuses to the Stokke Xplory is your ability to accessorise it as well as adapt it your specific needs. We’re taking a growing journey alongside our Xplory with adapting it to the baby’s age as well as the weather. Just last month we introduced it to a Stokke Xplory Winter Kit for the first time. For the first few weeks we were sporting just the handcuff as I found I didn’t have to faff around trying to find my gloves, it’s bad enough trying to find the children’s gloves, hats & other never ending winter accessories. Then the weather got colder, and it even snowed here in the UK, so it was time for the rest of the Winter Kit to go on.

When it comes to protecting our children from the elements, Stokke knows a thing or two about that seeing as they are practically neighbours with the Artic Circle. We all know insulation is the key to keeping warm, well Stokke have the Winter Kit well insulated with its extra-insulated hood with deep detachable sheepskin rim (ideal for popping on to your other textiles if you fancied a different look.) The rear cover is also insulated to help protect against the wind.

Aside from the hand muff, my favourite feature has to be the storm cover. You know that kind of weather that doesn’t warrant a rain cover, but Baby needs some cover over them? Well, that’s where the storm cover comes in.We used it to keep Baby covered from the falling snow as well from the bitter winds. It came especially handy when we went away and hit the seaside, it was particular windy, and it was throwing sand up with it. The more I get to know about this pram and the comfort it brings to the baby, the more I want an adult size one for myself.

If you’re battling the cold windy weather this year and want to keep your child safe from the elements why not let your Stokke Xplory give you a helping hand.