The One With The Last Minute Holiday

Last minute holidays are always the best. Fact.

Not only that but they are as cheap as chips. And attempting to be a family of budgeters this is great news though I fear this could be the last of it’s kind. The toddler will be starting school this year, so no more skipping pre-school to have holidays while all the big kids are at school making everywhere much quieter and cheaper. This could get in our way of wanting to visit pretty much most of the UK which we’ve decided is one of our aims in life. We want our children to see all the wonders that we have right on our doorstep, from the White Cliffs of Dover (which the man & I visited when I was pregnant with the baby, so does he count?) to all the wonderful coastal towns that scatter our country.


Last week’s escape was to Norfolk, somewhere completely new to us. We’ve visited most corners of the UK apart from Scotland and the East so at least we’ve ticked that off now. I have to promise my good friend Susan that we’ll visit Scotland sometime soon though I fear my lack of actually understanding Scots might be an issue.



We stayed in a lodge in the middle of the woods, crazy some may say, but if you hear that it came with a hot tub, you’ll think me slightly less crazy. Watching the sunset through the trees while relaxing in the hot tub with one excited three years old (he’s asked for one for his birthday) was total bliss. The place was so quiet; we had pretty much the whole bar and restaurant to ourselves meaning no long waiting times for food/drink which was a luxury in itself. The homecooked food was fantastic, even though we had taken enough to feed ourselves for the week we ended up in the bar eating twice.



I was thrilled with the fact we had the whole swimming pool to ourselves, both the baby & adult. Mainly because it meant I could sneak some photos of the boys swimming. We all know you cant get away with this in public swimming pools and I would not have dared to take photos if there were other people around.This is the kind of photo I wanted to capture just to stick in their scrapbooks; it’s one of our favourite activities to do as a family.



Reading this and browsing the photos can you tell that coming home really was a sucker. It takes the whole weekend to adjust to being back, I was hoping it would full me full of energy and willingness to chuck myself into doing up the house, but instead, we’ve found ourselves browsing a map of the UK planning our next destination to visit. I will follow up this post with a few blog posts on the places we visited while in Norfolk.