Never Too Young For The Library


The baby had his first trip today to the local library and got his rather flashy library card; we have ones that come with keyfobs so I can pop on my keys. How cool is that? The library has changed so much since my days or even since I first joined the Toddler up a few years ago! We even had self-service points where we could check out the books for ourselves, think supermarket self-service tills. The toddler very much enjoyed doing this for himself and was sad when we had run out of books to scan through. His weekly book stash mostly contained any book which had a picture of a Dinosaur on the front of it.

We let the baby have a good crawl around the children’s section and have a nosy for himself. He was quick to make friends with a girl at least three times his age; my children really are not shy. We’ve got him out a board book to sit and read with him, though we know it will be the images that he’ll enjoy the most. Despite both my boys having bookshelves full of books, I really do feel that it’s an essential part of growing up learning how to borrow something like a library book and treating it with respect.