Community Mum of the Year 2013: Mireille Williams

Nothing makes me smile more than a Supermum, a Mum who goes above and beyond her usual day to day business to give more than is asked of her. I have one not that far away from me in South Gloucestershire. Mirelle Williams at first became a volunteer for her son’s local preschool when it needed some extra support, she then realised that a treasurer was desperately needed along with equipment which needed replacing and staff who never received pay rises. She saw that if something wasn’t done to improve the school’s funds that the school would most likely have to close.

If the school closed then several teachers would have lost jobs as well as 40 children losing their school, some of who have learning and social disabilities. They would have had no education for the rest of the year. Mirelle didn’t want to stand there and watch that happen, so she didn’t do something about it.

Mireille Williams – Tesco Community Mum of the Year 2013


She worked hard exploring alternative funding and raising money to keep the school alive. After a year of hard work and sleepless nights, she secured charitable status for the pre-school and ensured enough funds were in the bank to keep it going. Mirelle did all this while being heavily pregnant with her third child and incurable illness of the immune system called Systemic Lupus. Something she’ll need to take medication for, for the rest of her life to keep the symptoms under control.

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Mirelle didn’t stand there and watch others sort out the problem, she took out that problem, and she sorted it. She added to her daily task of being a mum and helped to improve the lives of others, be it those teachers who needed that extra support to those children who are now receiving hot meals with the cafe that was open up.

Well done Mirelle, you truly deserve Tesco’s Community Mum Of The Year.

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