Collecting Titles

Today I gained my third title in life with which the children refer to me, it was mum, and it really did stop me in my tracks. The toddler wanted me to play a game of roll the ball, always the simple things that give you the greatest fun. Well, he got a small telling off for using a piece of Duplo to whack the ball, we never abuse LEGO in such a way. That’s just the way of life. He’ll understand this one day when he’s up until the small hour trying to bid of a LEGO Buzz & Woody to add to his mini-figures collection. Well anyway, he said sorry, but it’s the word that he added to it.. Sorry MUM!
He then went on to say it again as he addressed me, I’ve just been so used to Mummy over the last couple of years that being referred to as Mum by the small one surprised me. It was stranger than hearing the words ‘Mama’ which the baby has been coming out with. It was the first update I gave the Man as he got in from work, as he reminded me this is just part of the toddler growing up. He even went on to remind me that he won’t be a toddler for much longer and that he’s going to be at school come September. Of course, this is all too much to process and tonight will be spent with a Chinese and bottle of wine while I wonder how he grew up so quickly, any excuse really for a Chinese curry & some duck.