Cocoon Collection

Are you like me and hunting around the Internet last minute today to try and find a present for the man in your life this Father’s Day? Especially one which will deliver for tomorrow in time for Sunday? Well, look no further than Cocoon Collection. They have a wide range of Father’s Day gifts on sale ranging from Tasty Treat Hampers to a Basket Of Beer.

We got sent a little box of beers so that we could see for ourselves just what the products are like. Now I don’t even need for the man to crack open any of the three real ales as I know he likes them, along with the nobby nuts (I may have accidentally consumed these myself!) and the kettle chips. I thought the gift box comes in was rather gorgeous, the beers were packed well inside of the box and the blue bow to finish it off made it look quite special. (I may have kept the box and the bow so that I can re-use it someday!)

I asked the man if this is the kind of thing him and other men like to receive for a special occasion (not just Father’s Day) and of course he asked if I was stupid said yes. What man doesn’t like to receive a box of beers and snacks. Of course, if the man in your life isn’t into the alcohol kind of gift then you could always just get him one of those tasty hampers or boxes of sweets or even name a star after him, why not go and see for yourself what choice they have.

So quick! Go and order something before 2 pm so that it will arrive tomorrow!