Pickle Pie

Pickle PieI was rather intrigued to what I was going to receive when I got an email asking me for a list of stuff I love. Difficult question, of course, I love my family but then what else did I love? I gave a random babbling of things I’m currently loving. Of course, I started off the list with the fact I love the man, Oli & the bump which I had at the time – pointing out that it was a boy bump. Then followed my love of social media, of course then along came shoes, tv, snuggling in bed, summer and ending it with my love of being a mother.

A few days later I received this photo frame, the guys at Pickle Pie took the list of things that I said I loved and created a personalised print which was unique to me which was then framed. It’s so quirky; I’ve not seen anything like it before. I’m a huge fan of gifts which are unique and stand out from the rest of the gift crowd. I like the font and colours which are used though if you were to order your own, you could choose your colours as well as your personal message if you wished one to be added. I was also impressed with how well it came packaged, all of the frame corners came protected which stopped it from getting dented in the post.

They have frames for just about any occasion including births as well as weddings. I have my eye on the personalised iphone case which I could personalise with a list of stuff I love.