A Whole Lot Of Ketchup!

Gessh, what a morning. Seriously, I was only meant to be popping into town for a birthday card but instead ended up at the hospital. Thankfully not me again but then I would of rather it of been me then Oli. I was grabbing his spread out of the cupboard for his toast when I knocked down a ketchup bottle, which smashed all over the side. He was stood right next to me waiting for his breakfast so I guess he must have had his hand on the side when it smashed, at first I thought it was on his face as he brought the hand up to his face which was covered in blood. I grabbed him out of the kitchen, and we sat on the living room floor together where I took his PJ top off and used it to stop the bleeding. We decided a trip to a&e was probably called for as it was a glass cut.

It was when we were sitting and waiting for the nurse that I realised it had almost been a year since his first trip to a&e. That time around he had caught his upper gum on the sofa edge, which was the first time I had seen blood appear from him. The nurse looked at his finger and suggested that he have an x-ray just to check to see if any glass had gone into it.

It was all clear for glass, so the nurse put some sterile strips over his finger and gave him a teddy for being such a brave boy. Now we’re home I’ve been scrubbing the carpet trying to de-blood it, and I’ve to chuck the sofa cushion in the wash. The broken glass has been hoovered but I’m quite paranoid about little bits of the glass still being in places so going to go and completely strip the side and hoover everywhere again.