Lands’ End Boys Clothing

Lands' End ClothingWe got sent some fantastic outfits this summer from Lands’ End for Oli to wear and review. We were spoilt for choice when looking at the Land’s End Clothing section not only because of choice available but because of the many different styles on offer. I wanted some shorts for Oli, I was tempted by the plaid and the beach shorts but went with the Cargo Utility Shorts.

They are fantastic and worth every penny, all the clothes we got sent from Lands’ End have been with us for the last few months, so they have endured much of Oli’s toddler ways as well as my washing. Of course, everything possible has been spilt down the pullover and the shorts, but to this day they still look as good as new when washed and dried.

Lands' End ClothingThe cotton shorts are a lightweight ripstop fabric which is perfect for those little boy legs. It has lots of little pockets which Oli is yet to discover, but I can’t see it being long before I start having to turn them out before putting them in the wash. Inside of them is an adjustable waist which makes them last much longer than shorts without that feature. Oli seems to be quite comfortable wearing them and looks quite smart in them, the same with the Boys’ ThermaCheck Half Zip Pullover.Lands' End Clothing

The pullover is incredibly soft and like it says in the description it’s light in weight but heavy in warmth which makes it a perfect jacket when the weather calls for neither a t-shirt or a think jacket.

We also got sent the Boys’ Short Sleeve Graphic Blue Rash Guard Shirt which came in perfect timing for the sunny weather we had this summer which we took advantage of and took many trips to the beach. Not only did the UV factor 50 between his fragile skin against the sun but it protected him from those waves and sand play. When wet it’s naturally quick to dry, handy when he’s just come out of the sun and wants to play in the sea for a while. Not only that it holds it’s shape once dry thanks to the stretchy blend material.