CyberMummy Tweets

Some of the #CyberMummy11 tweets I’ve captured from after the main event last Saturday. I’ve really enjoyed catching up with what everyone thought about CyberMummy via the means of twitter. I do have a CyberMummy11 twitter list going on with everyone who attended the day, let me know if I’ve missed you off and I’ll add you to it.

@scribblingmum Best memory #cybermummy11 @rosiescribble @mummytips @porridgebrain @lizscarf sharing and reminding blogging neednt be all about free stuff

@guardiantech: Cybermummy – a blogging conference like no other #cybermummy11

@SarahBrownUK Awesome buzz at #cybermummy11

@KezLewis @scrapbookerry @twobecomefour I know what you mean. Getting married on fri, #cybermummy11 on sat, touristy suff on sun. Exhausted!!

@nickie72 Sophie King : Writing Workshop at #Cybermummy11 <

@IndyOnSunday RT @JonnyStark: Indy on Sunday covers Cybermummy… go the mummy bloggers!

@alysonsblog Haha just saw that the sexy french bloke from #cybermummy11 is following back… Anyone know how to get my tweets in a French accent?

@swhittle Blogging: Thoughts on Gleeking Out and CyberMummy – #CyberMummy11

@CosmicGirlie Hahah @scrapbookerry @MeTheManAndBaby this one makes me giggle #Cybermummy11
@twobecomefour I think I may have finally recovered from #cybermummy11! More exhausting than twin toddlers!

@helloitsgemma next year I would like a key note off @himupnorth #justsaying #cybermummy11 #cybermummy12 @IAmTypecast

@hooker1uk Can I say now #glasto vs #cybermummy11 cybermummy wins. Even though I got groped on the tube there.

@summerlandc Reading #cybermummy11 blog posts makes me think that there were several different conferences in the same building. Such diff experiences.

@Mummiafelice I believe I have @NakedWines to thank for my post #cybermummy11 headache? 😉 Many thanks…very yummy. 😉

@flyingstartmag Incase u missed it, something REALLY funny that happened at #cybermummy11 -read this and RT! (IM DEAD MEAT NOW!)

@madsxxx Amazing! 🙂 #Boots RT @gingerbread_mum: @madsxxx my little one used the cutlery set at dinner, it’s brilliant! Best goody bag #cybermummy11

@YoungMummyUk Great buzz about vlogging at #Cybermummy11 – good news as @imamatv and @britmums seems to have exciting things coming very soon

@SardineTin Am most disappointed that I don’t appear to have got an electronic nit comb in my #cybermummy11 goody bag… *sob*

@Sarah_Saza Collected over 100 cards at #cybermummy11! Looking forward to following everyone on twitter tomorrow + having a read of all those blogs 🙂

@Clairelouise82 Got the independent paper delivered to hotel room and was greeted with a great article about #cybermummy11

@savvymum4autism One thing i found out at #cybermummy11 that people want to learn more about #autism they realise they don’t know much about it.

@Dawnie_Brown Since getting home #cybermummy11 I have been up to my neck in bottles, dirty nappies and a half naked toddler running around with 2 hippos

@tara_cain You know when Monica in Friends was the ‘candy lady’? This weekend I was the Lego Lady! #cybermummy11

@PerfHappyMum “@CyberMummyUK: Outstanding press for CyberMummy and UK bloggers! Moving on up everyone! Watch out! #CyberMummy11” WOW!

@Mummiafelice Sooo many new blogs to add to my reader/blog roll. I’m so grateful to #cybermummy11 for really opening my eyes to what we CAN do.

@mummylimited So nice to be with people who don’t look at you in horror & exclaim “You mean, you talk to people on the INTERNET!?” #CyberMummy11

TheMummyLife @glowstars follow on #twitter #cybermummy11 #shoelust for some fantabulous shoes and spiffing legs #thatIsAll

@OnlyDads Final thank you to all the women at #cybermummy11 for making us chaps feel so welcome. #450hotladies #nowonderididntsleep

@cazroz Reflecting on fact that there aren’t many conferences where u can come away with a crate of wine+an electronic nit comb. #cybermummy11 rocks

@Mummy_loves Not many people recognised me at #cybermummy11 as I didn’t have a baby stuck to my face

@rozzibee Had such a lovely day making cyber friends real friends #cybermummy11

MeTheManAndBaby @cosmicgirlie after her #PhotoWorkshop at #Cybermummy11

@mdlondon Nice to meet all you cybermummys yesterday at #cybermummy11 xx

@pamperedmummy @CyberMummyUK absolutely loved it all but I really enjoyed the bloggers reading their post’s at the end #cybermummy11

@SandyCalico Despite spending most of yesterday feeling overwhelmed, I absolutely loved spending time with old friends and making new ones #cybermummy11

@jaynecrammond @cherylp59 A LOT of freebies, some AMAZING women and a bloody brilliant day, all in all. #cybermummy11

@plus2point4 Have to say I love looking at all your @instagram photos.In particular @mdlondon and all of @glowstars shoes #Cybermummy11

@helloitsgemma My timeline has changed it sounds different and looks different. Lovely to put voices and people to avatars #CyberMummy11

@iheartmuthahood @mamasandpapas just happy the bump didn’t make a bid for freedom in front of 400 mums! #CyberMummy11

@MummyWalker I bet the Cybermummies have no such rule #cybermummy11 #whatgoesontourstaysontour

@PippaD I just want to say thanks again to #LegoDuplo for sponsoring me to go to #Cybermummy11. It is much appreciated!

@Mummy_loves For those of you who didn’t make it to #cybermummy11 make it your no1 priority for 2012! It’s amazing!