The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys – Fruit ‘n Oat Slices

The Fabulous Bakin’ BoysI like getting sneak preview’s of snacks especially when they come in the form of yummy Fruit ‘n Oat slices. The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Fruit ‘n Oat Slices to be precise.

FBB have been making delicious cakes now for over 11 years; I remember having the chocolate cupcakes in my lunchbox as a young girl. They are an established family run bakery brand that likes to stand out from the crowd by adding an element of fun, quirkiness and innovation to the art of baking. One fantastic thing about The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys is that all their products are baked in a nut fee zone making them safe to eat for allergy sufferers.

The new snack product contains one portion of fruit in each slice which I and my family can confirm ourselves after trying a few of each flavour; it’s like biting into the fruit itself but with some added yumminess of oats crammed in. The fibre-packed snack bars consist of two layers, with a fruity base filled with succulent sultanas, apples and apricots, topped with oats and sprinkled with strawberry, blackberry or apple pieces.

The Fabulous Bakin’ BoysWe thoroughly enjoyed our Fruit n’ Oat slices, great snack for both the toddler and us to enjoy during the day and they would make a great lunchbox snack for any little one. Still can’t decided which is my favourite flavour, guess I’ll just have to keep adding all of them into my trolley until I decide!

The fruit n’ Oat Slices are available in three flavours – Strawberry ‘n Oat, Blackcurrant ‘n Oat and Apple ‘n Oat. Rumour has it that the bakery will be launching a larger version of the strawberry and apple bars for people on the go in the upcoming months. They sound perfect for the lunchboxes of the bigger boys in your life; I know mine will be requesting them for his. Visit for more information.