Should Condolences Be Personal & Private?

You just can’t help but to read what Jan Moir writes; this morning was no exception to me when I read her article about how oh-so-public tweeting of condolence by celebrities is offensive, narcissistic & trite. I wasn’t too sure what to think, I shared it on twitter (as you do) to see what others thought.



Jan talks about the sad loss of Amanda’s baby at seven months, something no parent should ever have to suffer or go through. She waited until she was six months to announce the pregnancy as she had previously suffered a miscarriage at four months. Her husband has taken her and their 5-year old away from the public eye so that they can grieve in private.

Something happened to me last year, and it wasn’t anything like a miscarriage. It still affected in me in a way where I was needing and wanted to be comforted; I didn’t know who else to turn to so I told twitter and shared it with my twitter friends/followers who in return comforted, shared there own stories of the situation and gave me the comfort I sought. Should that of only been the case when James Cordon and Emma Bunton tweeted Amanda Holden sending their condolences, should they of only tweeted her if she sent out a tweet about it in which return they could have replied with there condolences?

To me I think it’s down to the person and how they prefer to receive condolence, Amanda may log into her Twitter account in the next few days and see these messages of love and support from both celebs and non-celebs and feel confronted by them.


Would love to know what you think on the matter, should condolences be kept personal and private?