Shloer – The Sparkling Juice Drink

Want to enjoy a bottle of bubbly tonight without feeling the effect of it tomorrow at work? Then why not try Shloer new Rose flavour which was created from a blend of red and white grapes. Shloer is a sparkling juice drink which contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings. They pride themselves on blending only the very best in fruit juices from concentrate and purest water to make their drinks. The grapes are sourced from the sun-kissed vineyards of La Mancha in Spain – Europe’s largest grape producing region. Many varieties of grapes are grown. However, they have chosen to use La Mancha’s crisp tasting white grapes and their highly aromatic red grapes to produce their unique tasting Shloer juice drinks.

If you’re a fan of cocktails or have never tried the before why not create your own with Shloer. Try one of the Shloer cocktails with a twist recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails or one of the Shloer cocktails with a kick for drinks mixed with alcohol. I like the sounds of the Shloer in the city!

We thoroughly enjoyed both the new rose flavour and the white grape, raspberry and cranberry flavour. We’ve both cut back on alcohol, and we found this to be the perfect replacement, Dare I say it, but I enjoyed it even more than I would like a glass of wine alongside my food. It was thirst quenching and bursting full of flavour. I’m quite sad that in our excitement of trying something new, we’ve already drunk them and not had a chance to stock back up on them yet! They would have been the perfect drinks choice for tonight’s Valentine’s meal.