FireFly Toothbrushes

America’s number 1 best-selling toothbrush ‘Firefly‘ is now available in the UK. Oli got sent a FireFly toothbrush to try out so that we could see why they were so popular over in America and why kids over here in the UK will like them just as much.What makes the FireFly unique and stand out from the other toothbrushes is that it has an inbuilt timer! It uses a distinctive light up technology to help get children to brush their teeth for the recommended time. It works by the child touching the button to set the light off and then for a minute they scrub either the bottom or the top half. Then when that minute is up, they press it again and do the other half of their teeth.

Firefly Toothbrushes

 Oli’s not far off two, and we’ve been cleaning his teeth for the last year now, I started off by just letting him have the toothbrush and watching me clean mine, but then I helped him clean them by giving them a clean myself with his brush. Now as he’s getting older I’m hoping he won’t be far off doing his teeth each morning and evening, the FireFly toothbrush will help show him how long he needs to be doing his teeth for.

FireFly toothbrushes come in a range of assorted colours and characters such as Spider-man (which is what Oli got) and Hello Kitty. The price range from £1.40 upwards which is a fantastic price considering they are not just your normal toothbrush.