ZingZillas – The Album

As much as I despise children’s TV with a one-year-old, there is just no escaping it, for us, this means watching Cbeebies. Luckily Oli’s still at the age where I can trick him with some pre-recorded favourites of his (and mine!) One of which is ZingZillas.

ZingZillas was an instant hit on CBeebies, and with many children around the UK from the moment it was aired back in April this year, I remember it quite well as it was around the time of Oli’s 1st Birthday.

It follows band-mates Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum through their music adventures on their tropical island paradise. This band of primate friends live to play fantastic music. With the help of their mentor, music guru DJ Loose, they create their unique ZingZilla sounds just in time for their daily performance, The Big Zing.As well as these regular island dwellers, the island is visited in every episode by a different musical guest. The ZingZillas always discover their musical guest in a lush jungle glade which pulsates with music. They take inspiration from the guests and incorporate them and their sounds into The Big Zing.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first but over time have learnt to enjoy it as much as Oli does. It’s become our new car CD which we use to distract Oli on longer-ish journeys when he’s getting fed up and bored. He still wonders where the music comes from when we put it on; he must have thought the ZingZillas were going to pop up at any minute! He thoroughly enjoyed listening along to the CD and got a thumbs up from this toddler. We like the variety of music it has introduced to him, there are not many children’s programs where you can listen to Scat, Opera and Jazz music!

The CD contains 26 tracks which include the band’s first single, Do You Didgeridoo? And an extended version of the catchy ZingZillas theme tune. It also hosts to music from over 20 countries like the track ‘Feel The Rhythm Of Flamenco’ which features Spanish guitarist Angus Cruickshank and castanet player Veronica Menichelli.