Fairy Clean & Care with Olay

Fairy obviously heard that the only kind of housework I do is the washing up, after all, there’s only so many takeaways you can have simply to avoid having to wash the dishes!

It’s true though, I despise any cleaning or tidying, but when it comes to washing up, I don’t mind. It was once suggested getting a dishwasher, but I just don’t get the appeal to them, I find filling up the sink and cleaning the dishes and other stuff rather relaxing. So when asked to try out Fairy’s new clean & care with a touch of Olay softness I said yes, well it saved me putting it in the trolley next time we go round the supermarket.


We got sent a bottle of Clean & Care’s – Silk & Orchid and Peach & Mandarin, of course, the first thing I did was to flip them open to have a smell. The silk & Orchid was my instant favourite; it’s like a bouquet of flowers in a squeezy bottle! The peach & mandarin smell edible, you know one of those smells that you would eat if you could? Are you nodding? See I’m not crazy.

I got sent them a while ago now but have only just finished the Silk & Orchid bottle and started on the peach & mandarin. So the fact they’re slightly different to the original fairy doesn’t make a difference to it lasting 50% longer which is a bonus.

Did it make my hands softer? Yes.. much softer and silky to the touch. I like the fact it’s doing my hands good at the same time as doing housework. If only I could make the rest of the housework as good for my hands as it is when I wash up using Clean & Care with Olay.