Just Call Me Bob… Bob The Builder…

Apparently, us Mum’s do the jobs of 23 professionals according to the Express, and this is one newspaper article I don’t disagree with. I would say I did at least five before breakfast this morning. I remember blogging before about all the different roles we take on as Mother’s.

It’s true though isn’t it, us full-time Mother’s work a 12 hour day every day. That’s 7 am to 7 pm of keeping the children happy and entertained and completing our never-ending lists.

I used to feel ashamed when asked what do I do for a living, and I responded that I’m a stay at home Mother, I didn’t want them to think that meant I was a lazy person who stayed at home. Before I became a Mother, I would have shrugged it off as an easy job, after all the only job you have is to look after child and home. How wrong I was, I would say I’m just as tired running around after a toddler as I would be chasing up a client. It may be poor pay, and the jobs may be endless, but the rewards are great. A survey said that ‘Six in 10 of those surveyed wished their partner would help out more.’ Do you wish yours helped out more with the everyday tasks? We are cooks, cleaners, builders, entertainers, gardeners, decorators, hairdressers, first aiders and teachers (Just a shame we don’t get all the wages for all of it!)

The article didn’t mention all the jobs of the 23 professionals… I’ve come up with a few of what they could be myself but what do you think the others could be?