I read this article in the Guardian yesterday which was about a survey claims over home birth being more of a risk than hospital birth. Apparently, a home birth carries three times the risk that the baby will die then if you were to have the baby in a hospital. I do not believe this to be true; I believe that both have just the same risks. Which the Royal College of Midwives has confirmed.

It got me thinking about my own thoughts on home birth. I never really knew my options when I was pregnant with Oli , I think even with the choice of a home birth I would have still gone to hospital through those first labour fears and because I just didn’t know what to expect, I always assumed something like giving birth to a child should be handled in a hospital around medical equipment/doctors. After giving birth, it was only then I started to find out more about different birth options and actually hear real-life stories about mothers giving birth in the comfort of there own home and surrounded by there family. Luschka’s homebirth story bought tears of joy and happiness to me; It sounded just simply beautiful the way she had total control and power over what was happening.I’ve decided that I want a home birth with the next one (when the time is right) for many different reasons. I wouldn’t fault at all the treatment I was given when I gave birth to Oli in the hospital. The midwife was there with me from the moment I arrived at the moment I gave birth; this is one reason why I think a home birth may be for me next time – I had a straightforward simple & quick (don’t hate me!) labour which was done with one woman in the room.It went downhill after I had given birth and was put down on the ward. I had no support with me not being able to breastfeed, and even though I was in shock, they kicked the other half out. This still upsets me to this day. He should have spent that first night with his son as I did. I didn’t want to be away from him. I wasn’t allowed to discharge myself because of the set hours you have after given birth and the fact there wasn’t a paediatrician handy to do some checks. That was a horrible experience, and as I said still upsets me today, I felt alone in a strange place once everyone had left me. I don’t like overnight stays in the hospital so why do it if I have other choices available to me.

I will look into my options come the next birth, and I will be the one in control, after all, it is my body, and I am the one giving birth.