Where Has My Baby Gone?

I’ve just realised it has been a while since I blogged about Oli and his progress, so I thought I would bring you a little update. Well, he turned One last month and is now nearly 13 month’s, he can walk everywhere and is almost running.
He has favourite TV programs now such as Postman Pat, Dora & Little Einsteins. He got his first pair of Clarks shoes. He has his hobbies which consist of swimming & kicking a ball around the park with Daddy. He’s big enough to roam the soft play area by himself.

His favourite foods are Curry, Chilli & Spaghetti Bolognese. He has learnt how to be funny; he knows how to turn his bottle into a water pistol so that it squirts milk everywhere & here he is blowing raspberries onto his hand. He has an attitude and knows how to use it, he screams & pulls a paddy if you shut a door or a stair gate stopping him from going somewhere. He knows how to drink from a glass, in that one photo he had just downed a glass of Mummy’s coke why she popped to the toilet! He finally has hair, and it seems to be growing into a mullet! He’s turning into the typical man; he giggles when he farts & has rather smelly feet.


Where has my baby gone?