The Toddler Years

It seems Oli has now made the transition from Baby into Toddler and it already seems to be a mission. These next couple of years should come with a manual because I know I’m going to need one. The strops and the attitude have already become unbearable.How do they learn to have an attitude? Is is it something every baby has inserted into their brain at birth ‘a naughty chip’.

The crying has changed, those desperate I want milk/nappy change cries have gone and have been replaced with ‘I can’t get what I want’ so I’m going to cry about it. He seems to cry every time a door/stair gate is shut; I have to save putting any rubbish out until he’s out of sight. Otherwise, he gets upset.

I was hoping that I could get away with not childproofing the cupboards and that he would learn that no means no and that they are out of bounds. I was wrong! cupboard locks have been added to our never ending ikea wish list.

Its great that he’s now walking, but he does want to walk everywhere. I will be pushing him out in his pram and he would scream to get out because he wants to walk with me. Which is sweet but how do I juggle a pram in one hand and a child in another?


He’s also taking to biting and pulling hair , I was hoping the biting was just down to teething but am I making up excuse for something that could potentially become a big problem in the next year? And the hair pulling, am I just passing it off as phrases or should I be looking into do something now about it , I do tell him off and do say no – but when does no stop being enough?

If you have any tips/secrets on how you survived/is surviving the toddler years, please share!

Must go , he’s trying to stick his book into the DVD player…