About Us

Hey, I’m Emma, and I guess if you are reading this you came here to find out a little more about my family and me. I should probably start from the beginning; our blog was launched back in 2009 when I gave birth to ‘The Baby’. It prompted me to start this online blog where I could keep a diary of those first few months and document all those special first moments. Ten years later, a change of blog name (It was originally called Me, The Man & The Baby) and a couple more babies and I’m still here blogging.

These days I’ve moved on from blogging about just parenting, and now you can find us recording our travelling adventurers here on the blog as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & our YouTube channel.

The kids go by the names of Oli (9) Dylan (6) and Charlotte (5), and they are delighted that we intend on exploring as many countries as what time and funds allow us to. Our family travels are unique in the way that we travel with Autism. Dylan was diagnosed with Autism and moderate learning difficulties at a young age, he is non-verbal, so he has his way of communicating with us.

We want to show the world that Autism does not have to hold you back from travelling, there are ways of equipping the world and your child to make travel a fun, stress-free experience for the family. All 3 of our children have gained so much from the places we’ve explored so far, from trying new foods, exploring historical sites to achieving a sense of adventure that can’t be found within our four walls.

Here on Me, The Man & The Kids you will find reviews, and we like to share our honest opinion on various products and experiences, and I hope you enjoy reading those as much as we love doing them. If you’re looking to work with us or even if you would like to chat some more about anything featured on my blog, then please do get in contact with us.

We have a bucket list full of destinations we wish to visit over the next few years so please do keep reading, keep recommending and keep realising that you don’t have to let anything hold your family back from travelling.