About Us

Hi, I’m Emma, and I guess if you are reading this you came to find out some more about my family and me. I should probably start from the start; I am a stay at home mum/career/cook/cleaner/general assistant to the people below, and I have played this role since 2009 when I gave birth to ‘The Baby’. This prompted me to start this online blog where I could keep a diary of those first few months and document all those special first moments. Eight years later, a change of blog name (I used to be Me, The Man & The Baby) and a couple more babies later and I am still here blogging but not just about those special first moments anymore. It is my outlet for pretty much anything & everything; I have used it over the years to talk about my battles with HG, Maternal Mental Health and those baby, toddler & beyond days. As I grow and find the ‘me’ in amongst all the parenting, you will find me blogging about our family adventures, our travels and anything else that takes my fancy.  We do partake in reviews, and we like to share our honest opinion on various products and experiences, and I hope you enjoy reading those as much as we like doing them.

Social Media fascinates me, and I dare you to find a social network I’m not a member of! I am most often found tweeting away, virtual hoarding on Pinterest or asking random questions over on Facebook.  I also run the UK Parent Blogger Facebook group, and we can also be found on Twitter.  Away from the wonders of the internet, my hobbies include consuming cake, reading thriller novels and comics, Netflix binging and building LEGO.

This is Gavin, Husband, Father but otherwise known here on the blog as The Man. He is a professional Baker, so bread is his thing, though he does make the most amazing shortbread. When he’s not busy working he is usually found watching football, reading comics, playing darts or running around the garden with the kids. He has a thirst for travel and is already planning our next family adventure.


Oli is the original Baby; he is the very reason I became a Blogger all those years ago. He is now 7 and is at the stage where he is into anything and everything. He adores going to school and is now in year 3; maths is his favourite subject. Loves LEGO (yeah it’s a family thing) and all things Marvel & Star Wars. His favourite foods are green things, with broccoli & lettuce being his favourites. His prized possessions are his scooter and remote control BB8.


We welcomed Dylan to our crazy household back in 2012. He is now 4 and just leaving his toddler days behind him. 2016 saw us get an official diagnosis of Autism for him.  His favourite film is Frozen, and he can often be found demolishing bags and bags of crisps. He’s also rather fond of mini-rolls. He has an infectious smile, and despite being non-verbal, he will let you know what he wants. He’s an outdoors boy, and he loves playing in sandpits.


February 2014 saw us welcome our third and final baby to the family.  Charlotte is currently two going on 12. We’ve now said goodbye to our baby days and hello once again to the toddler days. She’s a huge Spiderman fan, demolishes cake in seconds and has a bigger Hot Wheels collection than her big brother. Her shoe collection is on par with mine, and she owns more capes than Batman does. She is a total joy to be with and keeps her brothers in check.

We have to introduce you to our dog Coulson (inspired by a certain Marvel agent) We rescued him from our local Dog’s Trust after falling in love with him at the open day. He loves playing with his toys, especially playing ‘fetch’ with the children. Walks are enjoyable but chilling in the sun is just as fun for him. He can often be found with a bone in between his paws or chewing something he shouldn’t be.