Visiting Tromso: Useful Tips

If you are planning to visit Norway, you should definitely go to Tromso. This is the right guide for you if you are looking for tips on how to spend the best time there. This country is maybe one of the safest countries you can visit.

The transportation is very organized, and the people are super nice and kind. The hospitality of the locals makes you want to stay there forever. Furthermore, you will fall in love with the nature that surrounds this fantastic city.

If the rich culture and cuisine isn’t a good enough reason to go to the northern part of the Earth, the lights of the north sure are! The memories created here will last a lifetime! This city has become very popular throughout the years due to its fantastic location and landscape.

It has breathtaking nature and history that you will fall in love with immediately. Before you go chasing light, there are some things you should know about so you can have the best time ever. For more interesting facts, you should check this link:

Fishing trip

You can start your vacation with a small fishing trip. Why is this first on the list? Well, fishing has been a part of Norwegian culture for a long time. Their source of income mainly depends on exactly this activity. Although you could just sit on the shore and catch fish, you should consider renting a boat.

This will give you the real feel of the local life and will be one of the most interesting things you have done. Plus, you will be surprised how much a trip like this can make you fall in love with the biodiversity that enriches nature there.

Different boats offer different things. Some last longer, while others are short and sweet. Depending on your schedule you can choose the one you like the most. You will be surprised to hear that you can even get your fish cooked immediately on some of the boats.

If you want to take your fishing experience to the next level, then you should head out to Hella. Hella is a place that is located only 40 minutes from the center of Tromso. It is one of the most popular sports in the area, and it is the best place to catch fish.

Visiting the Cathedral 

After you are done with your small fishing trip, you should definitely embark on a history journey located in the heart of the city. Domkirka is the beating heart of this town, and it enriches the streets with its beautiful architecture.

It was built back in the 60s, and it has a very specific characteristic. This cathedral is the only one in the whole country that was built only from woods. Every local will recommend you to at least stop by and admire this stunning building.

Pubs and restaurants 

A little break never hurt anybody, right? You have probably seen in movies how much the Vikings drank beer, or locally known as ale. To have the best possible experience in Norway you should visit one of their famous pubs located in the center of Tromso.

One of the best pubs in this city is the oldest pub called Olhallen. It is one of the most famous spots in the city, and it will be a shame if you miss this from visiting. You can choose from seventy-two beer types. Ask the bartender to give you help if you are not sure which one to choose!  

Northern lights 

And, of course, the famous northern lights. Let’s not fool ourselves; they are the main reason people visit this city. And that is with good reason, of course. This natural phenomenon adorns the sky at night and warms the heart of every tourist that passes by.

This is something you should definitely experience at least once in your life. The recommended period to visit Tromso if you want to see Aurora Borealis is between November and January. These months are the months where northern lights are most likely to appear.

You could go sailing, or embark on a fjord cruise. The combination of sailing and seeing aurora borealis is something that cannot be beaten. You can enjoy the fantastic fjords and lights while falling in love with the night. Check with the locals when is the best time to go on a trip like this.

You should also ask around about prices and offers. You can choose from different offers, so be sure to pick the one that is best for you. For your own convenience, you should also visit car rentals and consider getting an automobile for the days you are staying in Tromso. How to find a good car rental, you may ask?

Ask the locals 

You will be surrounded every day with polite, pleasant, and always ready to help people. You won’t have any trouble finding your way back home even without maps. The locals are always helpful and welcoming when it comes to tourists.

So, the first thing you can do is ask the locals where you can find a leiebil Tromsø that will provide a good service. They will either walk you to the exact place or show you the way. They will also give you a piece of information about the price range to know how much to expect.

Find and book online 

If it is too risky for you to go there without a previous booking, you can always book online. Visit a couple of pages and find the car you need. Having an automobile in this city will help you capture the full beauty. You can also visit some close by cities that you are eager to see.

Having a rented car has proved to be quite practical throughout the years. That is why most people don’t bother buying bus tickets or train tickets but enjoy their stay by having absolute freedom of movement. Places like Tromso are full of hidden beauty that is only accessed by car, and this is reason enough to get yourself a rented automobile immediately.