Oval Trampolines Gain Traction As An Outdoor Toy Favourite

Trampolines. For some parents, they might seem like the perfect toys to play outside, whereas for others, most parents who have never owned one, might see them as rather dangerous toys to play with, especially for little kids below the age of 10.


Thankfully, with the whole quarantine situation, finding new ways to entertain children and let them enjoy outdoor activities at the same time has become very much a necessity. 


Playing outside and getting enough sunlight is important for a kid’s growth, considering that sunlight is the most effective way to receive vitamin D, and physical activity helps them grow stronger bones and muscles, as well as provide them with enough energy to fight the day.


With that said, some parents might still doubt whether trampolines are safe or not, so in this article, I’m going to talk about how oval trampolines have become one of the favorites of outdoor toys for kids (and parents).


It’s All About Safety


Of course, it’s pretty understandable why some parents might be scared of letting their kids play on a trampoline. Considering that jumping and bouncing around is pretty much the point of having one, there’s always a risk of accidents happening.


The thing is: almost all outdoor (and even some indoor) activities are bound to have some sort of risk. It is our job as humans, and as parents as well, to protect our children and engage in the right safety measures so we can let them enjoy jumping without risking their health.


A Proper Installation is Key


So, one of the most important things to have in mind when purchasing a trampoline is that the installation process is absolutely important since it’ll be what determines how solid the structure is, and how it’ll function.


A badly performed assembly of the toy is the worst thing that can happen, so if you feel like you are not up to the task, there’s no shame in hiring a professional to do the job for you. Of course, these toys are designed to be simple and everyone can install them with enough patience. 


Of course, make sure to read the guidelines properly and make some tests before letting your children play in it, just to be sure!


Here’s a good guide that will help you determine whether a trampoline is safe or not: https://madisonmutual.com/5-trampoline-tips-to-keep-you-and-your-children-safe/


Extra Safety Measures

Oval-shaped trampolines tend to not have safety nets. Of course, you might find versions shaped like this with safety nets, but these are often much more expensive than oval-shaped trampolines.


Still, you can always engage in extra safety measures to make sure your children are safe while playing. The most common mistakes happen because there was no protection around the trampoline to cover the kids from falling in case it happens, and also, they often end up colliding on other things, such as trees, branches, floors, and walls.


The best way to avoid this is by putting the trampoline on the ground level, as close as the ground as possible, and surround the toy with safety pats for extra protection in case they end up falling. You also want to make sure that there are no dangerous objects near the trampoline that could harm them in case they jump far away from it.


As mentioned in this article, you should also make sure that no more than 2-3 children are playing in it at the same time. Trampolines do vary in size, and you can get small, medium, and family-sized trampolines. The bigger the trampolines, the safer it usually is, but of course, the more expensive. Consider your specific necessities when getting one.


The Fun of Jumping


The reason why kids (and parents as well) enjoy trampolines is that it allows them to enjoy an activity that is fun by nature: jumping. Height and speed have always been fun for humans and jumping in a trampoline grants you both experiences at the same time. 


Thankfully, it also grants some physical benefits that can help a child grow more active and strong while enjoying outdoor activities. For parents, it can also benefit them in many different ways, like improving their muscle and bone health, as well as providing an opportunity to engage in physical activity in a fun way.