5 Natural Ways To Improve Babys Skin

When new mums see pictures of babies in magazines and across advertising, there is always that moment when they think ‘that baby’s skin is so perfect’. Whether it’s fair and light skin with a rosy complexion, or smooth darker skin that glows with happiness, babies always look like they have wonderful skin so naturally.


After a baby arrives, however, many mums are concerned that their baby’s skin isn’t as perfect as they were led to believe it should be. From baby eczema to rashes, all kinds of things can irritate delicate skin and make life uncomfortable for your newborn and for older toddlers too.

Natural Baby Skincare


Like many parents, we all worry about our kids and keeping them healthy, and more mums and dads are moving towards natural products for their baby to start them off right. Harsh soaps and chemicals don’t mix well with the very delicate skin of a baby and even right up to toddler age, so moving to natural skin care products is a great idea. 


It’s not just baby that will benefit either. Natural skincare products are generally more eco friendly and lean towards the zero-waste side of things, too, so you’re helping your baby and the planet by switching!


Here are five ways you can help your baby’s skin naturally, using safe and gentle products.

Body Scrubs


As adults, we may enjoy the good scrubbing feeling of a body scrub, but babies have much more sensitive skin, so go easy on the scrubbing! Baby body scrubs can be made out of more gentle ingredients such as chickpea powder and baby oil; even ground almonds make a gentle but soothing scrub.



Babies can suffer from really dry skin, which can lead to very uncomfortable nights for them and sleepless nights for you.


Use oils such as coconut oil and olive oil to moisturise the areas of concern and keep their skin in great condition. Toddle has a great range of childrens lip balm choices that are vegan and cruelty-free, a fantastic natural option to keep baby’s lips moisturised too!

Oats and Milk


Oats and milk may sound like breakfast, but when made into a paste, they can be great for soothing irritated and itchy skin, especially if the skin is dry.


Mix up oats and milk with some organic honey and some lavender essential oil if you have it for a really gentle but effective body scrub that is soothing at the same time.

Ditch The Soap


Harsh soaps will only serve to irritate and dry out your baby’s delicate skin. In fact, soap isn’t even that good for our own skin, especially on the face.


Switch to a much more mild and gentle version, and go for colour and fragrance-free. This will reduce the number of things your baby could become irritated by. Soaps should be used very sparingly and never on the face.

Cotton Face Wipes

Baby wipes are also notorious for drying out a baby’s skin. Switch to natural soft bamboo cotton and go for reusable wipes. Once they’re dirty, just throw them in the washing machine with the rest of the washing.