The Importance Of A Good Garden Fence

Fences can end up being one of the most overlooked parts of a garden. Many people spend most of their attention laying down a lovely patch of lawn, or perhaps have potted a glorious flowerbed, and maybe even installed a luxurious firepit, but have neglected their old garden fence to rot and decay. 


No matter how fantastic the interior of your back garden is, it is incomplete without a well put together fence. Fences tie the area up, and for that reason, it is important to look after your fence and ensure that you have a good one. 


Here are some other reasons why a good garden fence is important. 


The Better the Fence, the More Secure the Garden 


What is the most important reason for having a garden fence if it is not to prevent unwanted people and animals from coming into your personal space? Most gardens have wooden panel fences, which when new and well looked after are a perfectly competent defence, however these fences decay, splinter and rot easily and when this happens they lose their structural integrity, meaning that they’re super easy to kick down, smash and jump over. 


Composite fencing offer a sustainable solution to security problems, as they combine both wooden and plastic materials to make a sturdy and strong fence that is incredibly likely not to show any rot or decay during your lifetime. They don’t splinter or crack, meaning that there won’t be even the slightest breach in your fencing. 


Good Fencing Can Withstand the Elements 


Fences are on the front line against nature and the elements, meaning that you want to make sure that your fence can withstand whatever is thrown their way, ranging from snow, thunderstorms, extreme wind, or harsh heat. Over time, many fences are damaged by the elements, meaning that they could lose their colour, get waterlogged and begin to rot, or even get blown out of their foundations. 


Investing in quality fences can save you money as due to them being more likely to stand the test of time. Due to this you’ll be replacing and repairing them less frequently, saving you costs on repairs and tools. 


Premium Fences Look Nicer 


Fences play a pivotal role in improving the overall aesthetics of your garden, so it’s important to choose a good fence that has a nice design and colour scheme so that it reflects the quality of the rest of your house. 


Bad fences can end up looking rather nasty, especially if they aren’t well looked after or preserved. Things such as discolouration, rot and splinters can quickly take stock and significantly hamper the look of a fence. Better quality fences, especially when paired with a good quality protective paint, not only look great but will stay that way for a long time. There are many different types of fences you can go for, ranging from medieval-looking gabion fencing, the exotic bamboo fencing, and of course the classic white picket fence.