Functioning at Your Optimum: Being a 110% Parent

As parents, we can feel the pressure to function at our best all the time. When we’re looking after challenging children or they sense our weaknesses, we can feel that they are just pushing our buttons all the time. This can take us a while to recover from. But whatever the situation you have, if you are prone to stress feelings of burnout won’t be far behind. This means that we’ve got to learn to function at our optimum but this is always easier said than done when there are so many different stresses in our lives. But are there any key components that we can all focus on that aren’t massive changes, but will still make a significant difference?


Heightening your senses

It’s a very little thing, but when you start to focus on the parts of your senses that are lacking, whether this is your hearing, your eyesight, or even your sense of smell, when you start to heighten these, it can make you feel more alert than before. If you are looking for inspiration on how to heighten your senses you’ve got to go for the big guns first. If you struggle to focus or you haven’t had an eye test for a while, it’s time to get this done. And if you purchase a good quality pair of glasses from a website like you will be able to give yourself a fighting chance. But it’s also important to remember that when it comes to your senses like touch and smell, there are things you can do to heighten these as well. In the case of improving your sense of touch, it can help you to become more mindful. Take the opportunity to think about what you are touching, even if this is something you do every day. Fixing your senses is a very simple thing but it can make you almost superhuman in comparison to how you were.


Focus on quality sleep, not quantity

While it’s a very common problem, especially with children that are up all night, when you start to think that you need a specific number of hours to feel refreshed, you might be doing yourself a disservice. It’s time to start focusing on quality sleep. But this is such a wide-ranging subject that it can be a case of trial and error to get it just right for you. You may need to have a good look at your diet and make a few tweaks. But you also need to look at your sleep environment. If you are someone who has numerous distractions in the bedroom, such as televisions and phones, or a poor pair of curtains, it’s time to get rid of these things. In fact, something like blackout blinds has been shown to improve the quality of sleep infinitely. There is a useful guide on to get you started. And it’s also worth looking at your mattress. This is a big expense but you have to remember that when it comes to quality sleep, you will feel so much better than the next day despite the stresses you’ve been going through during your waking hours.


Take some time to relax and play

You may feel you haven’t got time to sit down and relax, and if this is the case, it may be time to create the opportunities. If you feel that you are constantly running around and the only time you ever get any rest is sleep, surely a little routine before bed can help you to unwind better? Adults need bedtime routines just as much as children do. And this could mean having a cold shower which lowers your body temperature. Or it could be about learning to calm yourself by doing deep breathing exercises. You should also take the opportunity to play. Playtime is great for us as stern and serious adults because it helps us to get back to the simple things in life. When we schedule our lives down to the hour, feeling that there’s always something to do is more stress piled upon us. So instead, think about playtime and taking five minutes to just enjoy yourself. Hanging around with your children and engaging in play can be a fantastic distraction from all the stresses in life.


Think about your optimum fuel

We eat what we are told is good for us. But it seems that the tide is changing. If you are eating things that don’t agree with you or you feel that you are constantly tired making certain tweaks to your eating habits could make a big difference in how you react to everything. Fuelling yourself is crucial. Put the right fuel in yourself and you will run at your best. It sounds very simple, but so many people still rely on convenience foods and things that just don’t agree with them. It could be a good opportunity to have an intolerance test. You might find that there are things that you eat every day that your body just can’t digest. Wheat is a very common intolerance. And now with numerous gluten-free options around, you can navigate your way around a tricky diet. And if you combine this with the right amount of exercise for your body, you will be operating far better than you ever did. High-intensity interval training is something that people do because it’s time friendly. But the important thing to remember when you do an intense exercise is that you give yourself the optimum time to recover. This could be 7 days or it could be up to 14. Exercise doesn’t have to be a thing you do every single day to feel the benefits.


When we function at our optimum, we will see things differently. As parents, we can find ourselves bound by so many duties that we don’t look after ourselves. It’s so important to look after ourselves so we can look after the loved ones in our lives. And as simple as this sounds, it’s surprising how many people don’t think about it this way. Take the opportunity to look at the things that your body and brain don’t agree with and fix them. You may see a massive difference.