5 most popular door styles to look out for in 2021

With more time spent at home than ever before, it’s likely your attention have been turned to your interiors. Soft furnishings, wall coverings, furniture and even organising and de-cluttering are always top of the popularity list when it comes to upgrading the look. But many other areas within your house should also feature in your plans to keep your place looking stylish and on-trend. One such area is your doors. 

Interior doors are often inherited from the previous owner when we move into a property, and as they don’t feature highly on our priority list, they can end up remaining in situ for far longer than they should. There is a perception that doors might be difficult to replace, hard to find the right ones and will be extremely expensive too. But thanks to the likes of companies such as Online Door Store, the opposite is, in fact, accurate. 

Buying your new doors from an internet-based retailer gives you a vast range of choice you wouldn’t otherwise have, items are delivered to your home, and you’re able to buy them at a very competitive price too. The whole process is hassle-free from start to finish. So if you’re looking to get ahead of the style-game for 2021, start browsing for these key trends online today:


  • Glazed doors 


You cannot really call natural light a design feature in its own right, but having a light and bright home is a very modern trend. Huge windows and skylights help this but what will really encourage light to pass through your home is glazed doors. These will not only give a much brighter overall appearance, they will make it flow better and feel more open-plan too. 


  • Brightly coloured doors


Bold colours might not be to everyone’s taste, but one thing is certain that they have become increasingly popular in the home in recent years. Many people reserve their use to accessories such as cushions and bedding, maybe even curtains in some braver cases. But what happens when you choose bright colours for larger items such as furniture and doors is that they become a real statement as opposed to just an accent or highlight. 


  • Solid wood 


Wood is a timeless material and one which is unlikely ever to go out of fashion. The sheer variety in types and finishes means it is highly versatile and dependent on what you go for can be low in cost too. If you want something a little more luxurious, opting for a more vibrant wood such as oak will not only give you a look you desire but will be secure and durable too.


  • Neutral doors 


For every person who wants to try bold colours, there will be others who prefer neutral tones and that calming effect will still be popular into next year. Whether you choose natural woods as the material and let their muted colours show or you choose to paint them that way, you can create a harmonious palette in your home. 


  • Period doors 


Sympathetically decorated homes which match the era in which they were built will continue to grow in popularity, so why not ensure your doors match the tone of your home perfectly? There is a huge range readily available, making it easy for you too. 

Your doors are a key way to make sure your home looks up-to-date in time for 2021, and it’s easier and cheaper than you realise to change them. So there’s nothing stopping you!