How to plan for cheap future travel?

When it’s safe to travel again, many of us will be on the hunt for ways to save our pennies! As a mother, I’m always on the hunt for good value travel options and experiences for the whole family. There are so many ways to take an adventure and not break the bank at the same time. Here are some of my top tips on how you can plan for cheap future travel. 

Look for cost effective destinations 

Whether you’ve been scrolling through Instagram during lockdown looking at all those picture perfect destinations or not, we know there are some unbelievable places across the world. As most of these Instagram worthy locations often cost an arm and a leg, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for places that are just as beautiful, but maybe a little less known. 

No matter if you’re happy to venture further afield to the likes of Thailand, Nepal and Latin America, of if you’d prefer to stay in and around Europe, there are so many cost effective destinations around the world.  

Travel slow 

Trust me when I say, the slower you move, the cheaper travel becomes! Think of how cheap some of the bus fares are from one end of the UK to London for example. And, if you’re happy to make changes along the way then even better. 

Take for example Off-Peak tickets for rail travel. If you’re happy to travel outside of rush our or peak times, your tickets are likely to cost you a whole lot less! It can make getting to the Capital or even heading to the airport that little bit cheaper and save you pennies.  

Slowing down your travel also means you get to appreciate the journey much more too. Have you ever been on a plane, train or bus and just stopped scrolling through your phone to take a look at the landscape around you? 

Travel in low seasons 

Travelling in the less popular seasons is a great way to save money. Yes, you might not get the scorching weather you might want, but countries in different seasons to the peak ones, can often hold incredible wonders of their own! 

You may also find that tourist attractions and popular sights boast reduced rates in low seasons too, meaning you could afford to see everything during your holiday instead of only a couple of things.  

Wherever you plan to travel to again once we’re all able to, remember these top tips and you could save on your travel, accommodation and activities!