3 best oil filters

Today, every motorist knows that a good oil filter is a guarantee of engine performance. While your car is being serviced by a dealer, you don’t have to take care of the choice – original consumables and spare parts will become, if not the best, but proven guarantee of trouble-free operation. However, in the future, maintenance of the machine becomes the responsibility of its owner, and here the issues of selecting optimal consumables become more acute


Mahle OC205

The Mahle brand is a huge selection of components for engines, from cylinder-piston units to consumables for maintenance. Mahle is one of the main suppliers of automotive industries, and in this case, it does not make sense to repeat once again about high quality products.


The oil filter we are considering rightfully takes first place in the ranking of the best: a well-made thick-walled case not only withstands the pressure in the oil system during cold start without deformation, but also conveniently unscrews: when using dishwashers, the edges on thin-walled filters often roll up, and you have to use grandfather’s method with chain pullers and other, even less convenient methods. The bypass valve is calibrated for a pressure difference of 1 bar – it will be reliably closed on synthetic oil of the viscosity recommended for Kia Rio, protecting the motor from penetration of crude oil. Fans of cheap semi-synthetic oils in winter should be careful – trying to go with a cold engine would not be the best choice.


Bosch 0451103316

The second undeniably recommended oil filter also has Germanic roots, although Bosch’s products have long been distributed around the world. In terms of area, it can be considered the leader of the test: a solid cartridge of evenly laid paper corrugations occupies almost the entire 80-mm case. This did not affect the efficiency of the bypass valve – it is recessed inside the filter element, has a decent area and opens exactly at 1 bar of pressure difference.


You can only find fault with the drain valve – it works very hard, although the manufacturer indicates an opening pressure of 0.12 bar, but still it has more resistance than Mahle. For a functioning engine, this will not be a problem, but since the softer valve at Mahle also effectively prevents the outflow of oil from the filter, this roughening will not benefit the overall rating score. The oil filter for Kia Rio, manufactured by Bosch, takes a solid second place.


Mann w75 / 3

MANN is no less well-known supplier of consumables for automobile conveyors than Mahle. However, in our case, they did not succeed in surpassing their colleagues: this oil filter has a lower height and, accordingly, the area of ​​the filter element than Mahle OC205, therefore, it will be the best choice only for relatively few worn engines into which synthetic oil is poured with a low and stable viscosity. In this case, faster clogging on the run between oil changes does not play a significant role, but a reduced height will facilitate installation in a tight engine compartment.


The overflow valve here has a higher opening pressure of 1.3 bar. This is another argument in favor of our opinion: when operating on viscous oil and heavy clogging, the filter element curtain may already be damaged before the valve opens.


The advantages of the filter include a deep notch at the bottom, convenient for unscrewing with a dish puller, here, removing the filter will be easier in comparison with Mahle or Bosch. But, alas, the convenience of servicing a car is in second place after the quality of the filter itself – hence the decrease in score.


In this rating, we practically did not use the usual combination of price-quality ratio requirements (with the exception of the original filter, but it was too noticeably out of the general row). In the end, in the total cost of replacing the oil, the cost of the filter is an extremely small fraction, and its high-quality operation over 10-15 thousand run means much longer. Considering the features specified in the description of the presented goods, you can make the best choice in the online auto parts store Autopartspro.co.uk.