How To Get Your Home Ready For A Baby

The nesting instinct is a genuine and powerful instinct that a mother-to-be will usually feel in her third and final trimester of pregnancy. It is during this time that they will want the house to be clean, tidy, and ready for the baby to arrive. If you are feeling the urge of the nesting instinct, here are some ways you can make your home prepared for when your baby finally arrives. 


Get A Cleaning Company In 

As you’ll know, being in the final stages of pregnancy is extremely tiring, and cleaning your home from top to bottom will make you very tired, even if it’s precisely what you want to do. If this is the case, you can hire a company that carries out end of tenancy cleaning Clapham to help you. This kind of cleaning doesn’t have to take place at the end of a lease; it could be done any time, and it is an extensive, very deep clean of a house. Once it is done, you will be more able to keep up with the work required, even if you are feeling tired. 


The difference a deep clean like this will make to your home is remarkable, and you’ll be feeling a lot better once it is done. You can also hire a cleaner to come in regularly to do smaller cleans, as this will allow you to rest up but also will make sure the house is clean and ready. 


Open the Windows 

To make your home feel fresh and clean, you should open the windows and let the outside air come into your home. If all the windows are open, you should be able to get a draft through your home, and this will stop it from feeling stuffy and hot. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your windows open for too long – about 10 minutes each day should be enough, and you can do that while you are cleaning the rest of the house. Once you are done, close them again to keep your home secure, and never leave them open when you go out anywhere. 


Don’t Move Furniture 

When you are pregnant, you are producing a lot of new hormones, and the hormones you usually have in larger quantities. These hormones can soften tendons and ligaments, and this means you are much more susceptible to injuries – so don’t move heavy furniture as it won’t be good for you or the baby and could cause you a lot of damage. 


If you have a cleaning company coming in, they may be able to move the furniture out of the way for you. Otherwise, you should ask for help from friends and family if you want to move something. Moving furniture is a big part of nesting, so don’t be surprised if you feel you want to do this. Before you move anything, make sure you take measurements and that you have thought about the new positioning in advance so that the furniture fits in its new space easily, and you don’t have to move it all back again.