3 Tips for Using Apps for Easy Grocery Shopping

When your grandparents were young, and maybe even your parents, depending on their ages, going grocery shopping meant poring over the grocery ads, making up a list on paper and then heading out. However, I was looking for an easier way to keep track of my lists and what I already had in my cupboard. Fortunately, I found a handy list online.

Best Grocery Shopping Apps

Below are some handy tips for using apps when you’re grocery shopping.

Categorize Your Shopping List & Share It

In today’s busy world, you want to make sure that grocery shopping is easy, and that’s why apps are such a great idea. They make organization so easy. For example, the AnyList app will organize your grocery shopping list based on certain categories. There’s also a feature that automatically completes common items in the grocery store as you type the list into your app to save some time. Then it intuitively organizes the items into chosen categories. Auto-sort’s also a feature that saves time that automatically organizes the list into different categories.

These types of apps also feature a built-in function for grocery lists. With animated interfaces that make it simple to use, grocery shopping is no longer a difficult chore but something that’s fun which makes shopping much more efficient

It’s also possible to create more than one list – one for eh things that you want to purchase at the store and the other list for keeping track of inventory. This helps you save money and prevent double purchases as well as making sure you buy what you need. This is key for people who are busy and who only shop once a month.

Select & Organize Your Recipes for Your Desired Meal Plan

Mobile apps also can let you select and choose the recipes based on the meal plan you have. You can also sync Siri or Genie on Android to shop hands-free. You’ll be able to create healthy meal plans for the week based on your needs and preferences and use those for finding online recipes. With your chosen recipes, you’ll be able to create your grocery list with the approximate food costs and then organize it for simple management. Some of the meal planners also are geared to little to no waste based on the options they offer for personalization. Whether you’re on a Paleo diet or need the food to be gluten-free, you can get the necessary items for preparing your food the way you prefer.

Find Price Comparisons, Nutritional Facts & Online Purchase Options

Along with telling you where you can buy fruit, apps also can help you with finding out the nutritional information for food ingredients in your list. Apps also can feature a tool that’s made for finding and displaying the nutritional content or information on the items on your shopping list or even on your recipe. When you have the information on the calories, micros, and macros of the food items, you’ll be able to adjust your recipes and meal plans accordingly. You’ll be able to know how many of a particular item you should add to the sections list in your app to get the recommended number of calories for your family members or for you. Some of the apps also feature built-in calorie counters that can help you with tallying the food items in your list with the ingredient requirements in a recipe. They also can help you with comparing prices and shopping online for food items.


These are just some of the tips that you can use for grocery shopping with apps on your phone. You’ll find it much easier and that you’re spending a lot less money.