Must-Haves For Travelling with Children

When you travel on your own, it can be quite exciting to wing it. But when you’re travelling with children, you must be prepared. Kids require a lot more gear to ensure your holiday is pleasant and stress-free. If you’re travelling by car, you may be able to throw your car seats and strollers and changing pads in the boot. But if you’re travelling by plane, you’ll need to limit the weight of what you plan to bring. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination, only to realise you’ve forgotten something important. 

This list of practical essentials will help you and your kids travel with ease and have holidays to remember (for the right reasons!). 

An Umbrella Stroller 

An umbrella stroller is a lightweight option that folds up nice and small for easy transport. Holidays often involve lots of walking, and your little one is likely to get tired out. Though they may not be as well-equipped as your primary stroller at home, an umbrella stroller will do the trick while you’re travelling. Whether you’re flying or driving, the folding stroller is much easier to store and opens up quickly when you need it. 

Kids Headphones

Let’s face it, kids get bored quickly, especially during travel. Headphones are needed so your kids can watch movies, play games, or watch videos without disturbing other travellers. It also helps with travel anxiety that many children face when in airports, on planes, or in busy train stations. Headphones can tend to be a bit pricy, and with all the other travel accessories you need, it can add up. Save some money by using a John Lewis discount code to get some that are durable and good quality. 

Packing Cubes

If you’re travelling with the family, items can often get lost in the chaos. Kids are messy, and you’ll need to carry a ton of clean clothes and toiletries. Squeezing everything into your suitcases can be a nightmare, so packing cubes are the perfect solution, keeping your suitcases organised. You can also colour-code them, so you know precisely whose items are in which cube. 

Travel Water Bottle and Containers

Children are almost always hungry and thirsty. The cost can add up when you’re continually stopping in shops to purchase drinks and snacks when you’re on the go. Always have a refillable water bottle with you, so you can keep the family hydrated and fill it up as needed. Bring snacks, like nuts, fruits, or crackers in a portable container to curb your kids’ hunger between meals. 

Backpack with Safety Rein

Though some people don’t like the thought of having their kids “on a leash,” a safety rein is extremely helpful when travelling. There are many fun and cute backpack options for kids that come equipped with a safety rein. Not only can they bring their favourite toy or game with them on the go, but you can also keep them safe in busy areas. Whether you’re in the airport, or the middle of a new city, it’s easy for you kids to run off and get lost. It can cause enormous stress when you’re on holiday, and you can avoid it all with a safety rein.