Baby Bouncers and Swings Guide – 2019


It’s common to see baby bouncers and swings in many homes, especially if there are little kids around. These have been around for quite some time, and people are always trying to debate whether they should be used or not. 


Well, some see it as a good thing for its ability to improve child development. Others also think children should not be allowed to use them due to the potential harm that may come with it. This makes it a very controversial topic. 


But, even at this, every guardian or parent should take it upon themselves and do a little research and make excellent decisions when it comes to getting their kids such equipment. 


You should ensure that you provide your children with the most beneficial and safe opportunities for having fun. Let us look at a few things about baby swings and bouncers.


Tips you can use when shopping for baby swings or bouncers.


We all know that baby bouncers and swings are primarily made to offer a fun experience. However, if you want your kid to have the best experience possible, it would be a good idea to get him or her the best baby swing or bouncer. 


When shopping for this equipment, there are a few things you should consider. Below are some questions that can help you pick the right thing for your baby.


Basic or whistles and bells?

There are bouncers that bounce up and down while being controlled by the baby’s movements. You can also find others with additional features. For instance, some can swing, bounce, rock, and recline, comes with music and lights and sometimes might even have a place you can use to charge your phone. 


Well, depending on the type of equipment you want, you should have in mind that the one with extra features will probably be more expensive compared to the one without the features. 


For the swings, you can also decide to go for the sleek ones, has a minimalist design, and are made of quality materials. These can also cost relatively more as simple as they might look.


Do you have enough space? 

If you are going to shop for something like a baby bouncer and swing, you’ll have to consider your space. Of course, this can also influence your buying decision. 


It’s quite evident that a bouncer with a complicated design and many features can take a larger storage space compared with the simple ones. If you have a small space, you should consider getting a swinger that can fold when it comes to storage. 


Space should be considered with regards to the area you want to be using the equipment. It might be your kitchen, living room or bedroom


What does the baby like? 

You might pick a bouncer for your baby, thinking it’s the best choice, only to be disappointed when you get home. This is why it’s a better idea to consider the baby’s preferences. 


Some babies usually like a boisterous bounce, and they can be easily calmed with movements. Others might prefer the smooth back and forth swing. 


To find out, you need to try a couple of options first until you find the right one. See a complete guide that can help you pick the correct seat here


Can it be exchanged or returned? 

It is a good idea to purchase a swinger from a store that offers a painless return policy. As your children grow, you will keep on buying them different things that pile up with time. 


When you buy them from a store that allows for items to be returned or exchanged, you will be able to replace the old ones for some new things. 


Even the baby wouldn’t like to have a lot of stuff that he or she doesn’t need, right?


How is the motor powered? 

This is also another area to check on. The motorized seats can always use a lot of power, and if you are using batteries, you can be sure to incur some extra costs in the long run. 


However, some swings can be charged or plugged in using a power cable. This can save you the additional costs on the batteries.


How long will you use it? 

Babies always outgrow the swings and bouncers probably after ten months to a year. Well, if you were expecting to use it a little longer, then you can consider purchasing one that can change into a safe seat for the baby. There are models that are designed to transform like that.

When can babies use bouncers and swings? 

Generally, swings are safe for newborns. There is no exact time or age that you have to wait before you can get one for your baby. 


However, if you are going to use one, it is essential to read the user instructions that come with the product and check whether there are any restrictions. 


Make sure to follow the guidelines for proper use. As an additional tip, always go for the reclined position as this will help in keeping your baby secure. Also, don’t forget to use the safety straps for additional security.


Safety tips for using bouncers 

Since your baby will be spending much time on his or her swing or bouncer. It is crucial to get familiar with some safety measures. Below are a few of them


Certified safe: You should always check to see if your set is certified safe. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association usually approves most brands that deal with this equipment. This show indicates the product has met the safety standards required for it to be used.


Inspect before use: Do a safety check before using the product. Ensure that the seat is also well balanced. 


Go through the fine print: This is also important. Reading through the fine print will enable you to know the exact weight and height limits of the preferred seat. Knowing these will help you avoid putting the baby in a dangerous position. Click here to see more on the safety of baby bouncers and swings.


Well, sometimes it’s not that you don’t want to hold your baby. But, there are other things that you might need to do, and having one of these can come in handy. Just ensure that you buy the right one for your newborn and consider the safety measures when using them.