5 housewarming gift ideas to brighten up any home

Most of us will have been there at some point in our adult life. You find out your best friend or favourite sibling is on the move, and you can’t wait to visit them in their new home. There’s just one thing playing on your mind – your housewarming gift…

We’re not moving home as often as we used to, so the pressure’s on to get it right. While it might be tempting to pick up a panic-buy in the nearest supermarket, the best choices are a little more thoughtful – and actually useful!

Here are five housewarming gift ideas to brighten up any home. 

House plants

I’m obsessed with house plants. They add a natural element to any room and can help to make a place feel more like home. They even give out oxygen!

Pick one up from your local garden centre rather than a city centre home store to save paying over the odds. You don’t want your gift to become a chore, so try to choose one that doesn’t require too much care. 

Kitchen accessories

There’s a good chance your friend or family member has essentials like plates and cutlery covered – but what about all those fancy extras? From cafetières to cheese boards and cocktail glasses, see if you can find something to suit their personality and interests.

You might even secure yourself an invite to their first dinner party…

Photo frames

Photos are the most obvious way to make a space more personal, so how about making the frame the gift? You could even fill it with a photo of you two together as an excuse to make it onto their wall. 

If you don’t live nearby, use Parcel2Go to send your frame with a postal service that suits you.   


It can take a while to make a new place smell familiar – or to get rid of a bad one that’s hanging around. Candles and diffusers can make that transitional period a little more pleasant.

Try to think seasonally when picking out your gift. Fresh citrus or flowery scents are well-suited to spring and summertime, while spiced or earthy options can ramp up the cosiness in autumn and winter. 

A helping hand

If you’d prefer to avoid spending any money at all, why not offer your time instead? Moving can be a stressful process and there’s lots of jobs that go with it, so pitching in to help with painting, cleaning or shifting furniture could make a real difference. 

You’ll also get the opportunity to properly catch up. That’s two birds with one stone!


Is your next housewarming gift causing you stress? Try one of these five ideas and see how it goes down.