How to make travelling with kids easy

Travelling can be a struggle from time to time, but on the whole, it’s usually fine.


However, if you’re travelling with a child or children, this adds a whole other level. Whether it’s a flight, the car or the train to Portsmouth Harbour to Chichester and beyond, travelling with kids comes with its own set of rules.


Trains, for one, will require more planning, especially when it comes to keeping the little ones entertained. But, to help you out, you’ll find four ways to occupy your kids on the train for a peaceful and fun journey, below.




The first thing you’ll need to think about before you start travelling with a child is entertainment. Whether you’re on the go for half an hour or five hours, they’ll need entertaining. If they love arts and crafts, then make sure you pack coloured pens and a pad, or a book if they love reading. However, a sure-fire way to keep them busy on long journeys is a tablet or portable DVD player, earphones and plenty of shows. It’ll help to bring a fun time for everyone.


Some snacks


While they may be busy with their screen or pens, they’ll want something to eat and drink on a long journey. A packed lunch is a great idea as it’ll prevent you from having to fork out for train station and train trolley prices, and also gets them involved as they can decide what goes in the packed lunch beforehand.


Talking points


If they decide that they’ve had enough with their activities, it always helps to have some talking points prepared. Make sure you research where you’re going so you can tell them all about it, which should get them super excited. Then, you can start to plan together about where you’re going to go and what you’ll do. This will help get them excited, keep them busy and make them feel good about their input in the trip.


Pack light


While you may be tempted to pack lots and lots of things for the journey – don’t. Remember, you have to carry all of this with you through the station and on the train, not to mention storing it, and then carrying it at the other end too. So, make sure you keep those must-haves to a minimum for the journey, after all, you don’t want two additional bags alongside a small child. Maybe pack their things in their own backpack for them to carry – they’ll love feeling like they’re helping you out too.


So, with any luck, with these four tips, you and your little one will be able to embark on a smooth trip, no matter where you’re going.