How To Stress-Proof Your Family Holiday

Family holidays are all about relieving stress, aren’t they?


With time away from the pressures of home and work life, in theory, a vacation should be just what your family needs. Whether you stay in your home country or explore lands further away, you should be able to rest, relax, and bond with your nearest and dearest.


However, in reality, we all know family holidays can actually be quite stressful. Sometimes, it is the actual journey that causes a lot of tension, especially when trying to entertain our demanding children on long car or plane journeys. Then there’s crowded roads and airports to consider, as well as the burning effects of the hot weather on our stress levels and the mass of tourists that get in the way when we have finally arrived at our holiday destination. The chances for temper tantrums and arguments can be high, so what should be a peaceful and relaxing time, actually turns out to be very different. No wonder the divorce rate spikes for couples returning from vacation!


So, if you are heading out on your family holiday any time soon, you will want to make it as stress-free as is humanly possible. To ensure you have a better time away then, and to reduce the need for a phone call to Family Law lawyers after returning from your trip, here are some useful tips to help you stress-proof your holiday.


#1: Plan your holiday together


To achieve a sense of group harmony while away, you need to sit down and communicate with one another before your holiday begins. Consider the destination you are heading to, and then make a list of the activities that the people in your family want to take part in. You might not have the time or money to do absolutely anything, but there needs to be some compromise. When everybody knows that they have been listened to and that they will get the opportunity to do something that they want to do, there will be fewer arguments before and during the holiday.


#2: Sort out your finances


When it comes to holiday stress, money is often the biggest factor. If you don’t have enough of it, you won’t be able to take part in some of the activities planned. If you find yourself spending too much money while you’re away, you will have the worry that your finances will be in a bad state when you return home. And when you return home and find that you can’t pay the bills, you will be further hit with stress and worry. Therefore, make every effort to put money into your holiday fund before going away, as this way, there will be more opportunity to let your family tick off any expensive parts of their bucket lists. Set yourself a budget for each day, so you don’t go overboard on your spending. And taking a cue from our affordable Algarve holiday, look for ways to save money while on holiday, such as by looking for free things to do with your time. By taking these reasonably simple steps, you should face less financial stress on your holiday.


#3: Don’t over-cram your itinerary




Sure, there will be loads of things you want to see and do while away, but if you cram your itinerary with landmarks and activities, you are only going to burst a blood vessel (not literally) when your stress level rises as you rush from A to B. Your children won’t thank you either, especially when they don’t get time to rest and eat on the whirlwind tour of your chosen holiday destination. Therefore, plan to do less rather than more. Prioritise those things that are high on everybody’s wishlists, and for anything else, consider them only if your family has the time and energy to commit to them. Then plan for days where you don’t do very much. You will all need some time to relax and unwind without having to dash here and there, so have a day on the beach or in the park, and take the time to explore the area you are staying in at your own pace. Who knows what you might discover if you slow down your travels?


#4: Take some time away from each other


As families, we often get stressed out with one another when we are in close proximity for too long a time, so we might then retreat to a place of peace and quiet to energise our batteries and calm down our stress levels. Consider the same for your holiday, and look for opportunities where you can also be apart. So, you might ask your partner to look after the children while you go and do your own thing for an hour or two. You can then return the favour to your partner. And if there are child-care facilities at the holiday resort you are staying in, you might take the opportunity to get away with your partner while your children are being looked after. By following these simple steps, you might then return to one another with hearts that have grown fonder, and your time for family bonding will be improved.


#5: Curb your high expectations


You know, and we know that your holiday isn’t going to be stress-free, even with our tips, so don’t assume everything is going to be all sunshine and rainbows while you’re away. There will be days when your children do sulk and get upset with you. If they sometimes behave badly at home, you shouldn’t assume they will magically start to behave better just because you have taken them away on holiday. And don’t assume everything will go to plan. If something can go wrong, it probably will. It’s a reality, so while we do hope you have a stress-free holiday, be prepared for more realistic eventualities. When you have the mindset that your holiday probably won’t be the epitome of perfection, you will be less stressed when your idea of holiday bliss is interrupted by your children throwing a wobbler or when the weather takes an unforeseen turn for the worse.


We hope you found these tips helpful, but let us know what you think. Please share any of your ideas with us too, especially if you have found ways to reduce the stress of a family holiday.


Thanks for reading!