How to Pack for Vacation During Pregnancy

An avid traveler who just found out that she is pregnant may feel like traveling during this period is a no-no, but it is not! You will obviously have to make some adjustments to accommodate your evolving needs and wants but you can continue to travel with a few adjustments.


As long as you are in good health, you have no reason to turn down a babymoon. If you are feeling clueless about traveling in your current state, here are some tips on how to pack for a vacation during pregnancy.


  1. Pack a Travel Pillow

One of the downsides of being pregnant is feeling super tired. Now that you are traveling, you are bound to feel even more tired. For this reason, it is advisable that you rest and nap as you travel. To ensure that you get to your destination feeling energetic and ready for your babymoon, be sure to pack your travel pillow. The travel pillow maintains your chin and neck in a natural resting position while you are sitting. Pregnant women tend to be sleepy travelers and you won’t want to be uncomfortable trying to rest on your vacation.


If you are planning a road trip try to save room in the backseat or the trunk for your pregnancy pillow too! Just like travel pillows, pregnancy pillows provide chin and neck support in a natural resting position, but also provide full-length body support.


  1. Light and Easy-to-Wheel Suitcase

While pregnant, you will want to avoid over-packing so as not to experience back pains or having the issue of carrying heavy baggage. Be sure to pack a suitcase that is light and choose a suitcase or bag that is easy to wheel around. This vacation is meant to give you some time to relax and not stress you or make you even more tired. Therefore, it would be wise to make traveling as easy as possible with lighter luggage.


Pregnant women should avoid carrying or lifting heavy objects and wheeled suitcases will alleviate some of your concerns. Some luggage you will find may have 360 degree movement, making it the perfect travel option while you are pregnant.


  1. Small Collapsible Water Bottle

Staying hydrated as you go on your babymoon is imperative. However, carrying the typical water bottle is not convenient especially now that you are ensuring that you do not over-pack. This is not a big problem though because all you need to do is get yourself a small collapsible water bottle. You can fold it or even flatten it and carry it everywhere you go without having to worry about the space it occupies.


  1.  Anti-nausea Medication

If you are often experiencing motion sickness then there is a high probability that you will suffer from morning sickness. To avoid feeling sick and throwing up as you travel, you ought to remember to pack some of your anti-nausea medication, vitamin B6 supplements, sip your ginger tea throughout your journey, travel sickness bands or anything else that helps suppress your motion sickness while on land or in the air.

Most of the time you might not have morning sickness and it will be easy to forget to bring your medication, but you’ll thank yourself later when you come prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you feel like you won’t need it. Remember to check the elevation of your destination. Higher elevations may make you experience heightened morning sickness. You’ll be especially grateful for anti-nausea medication if you are planning a sea voyage!  


  1.    Compression socks or stockings

If you are planning to go on a babymoon, be sure to invest in a pair of compression socks or stockings. These socks will keep your legs and feet happy throughout your travel as they prevent you from suffering from clots during all of the time you are sitting.


Compression socks or stockings ensure proper blood circulation in your legs and feet and can be beneficial in relieving swelling. Remember wearing compression socks won’t prevent swollen feet completely so be sure to get up and walk around when/if you can.


  1.  Comfy shoes

Happy feet equal happy mama. During pregnancy, you put on some weight and as a result, you will need to dress in outfits and shoes that give your body the stability it needs. While traveling, your feet could swell and as a result, cause you some discomfort. The last thing you want to be worrying about is swollen feet during your trip.


Not all comfy shoes will make you sacrifice fashion for comfort. There are a lot of fashionable shoe choices that are also comfortable. You can also buy shoe insoles for added arch support. Taking the stress off your feet will also help you deal with the lower back pains that come with uncomfortable shoes. Consider packing some stretchy flip flops to wear around the hotel as the feet swelling may cause your shoe size to go up a little.


  1.    Snacks for your cravings

Traveling does not suppress your cravings in any way, shape, or form. In fact, those little snacks offered while on the plane may just trigger your need for more! Snacks with a high protein content are more likely to satisfy your cravings and keep them in check. Therefore, consider packing some of your favorite high protein snacks to surprise your appetite.


You can also benefit from bringing along a little bit of dark chocolate. Every pregnant woman knows that chocolate can be a saving grace when you are on the verge of being hangry. A recent study said that eating dark chocolate daily during pregnancy may reduce your likeliness to develop preeclampsia by 69%! (NCBI)

  1.   Your Doctor’s go ahead

If you are 28 weeks pregnant and above, you should travel only when your doctor gives you a go ahead. If you attempt to travel without the doctor’s letter, the airline staff may not allow you to board the plane as you may not be fit to travel, resulting in a financial loss and sending you back home!


To avoid that situation, ask your doctor if it is okay for you to travel in your current state and if yes, ask them to write you a letter. One of the best tips is to come prepared to the airport with all of your important paperwork in your purse ready to go. Having your doctor’s note may be the golden ticket that allow you to head to your final destination!


  1.   Layer Your Clothing

As the weather changes, your outfit should too and to make it easier try layering your outfits while you travel! Consider packing some of your maxi dresses since they are easy to dress up and down depending on the weather. You can simply put on a sweater or jacket when the weather is cold and get rid of them when it is hot. Try going for lighter layers that will be easy to style, but still keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is outside.


Unfortunately you won’t be able to leave your hot flashes at home, and layering will be a great way for you to cool off when you need to. Having lots of thinner layers will also be easier to pack in your suitcase. You can get about 2 weeks worth of outfits just by owning 3-4 pieces that you can layer with.


Remember traveling is supposed to be a positive experience! If you are experiencing trouble while you travel during your pregnancy try to remember to take in as much as you can before your baby arrives. You will deserve all the rest you can get before your little one takes center stage!