3 Money-making methods you can do from home

Attempting to monetise your extra time can be particularly tricky when trying to balance work with family life and alike, but with the continuous increase in online businesses and e-commerce, and technology becoming easier to use every day, making an ancillary income in your free time is easier than ever If you know what you’re doing.  

For those looking to make a little bit of extra income, here are some great money-making tips you can do from home.


Make the most of what you have

A good first step in making extra money can be to look at optimising the space and money you already have. Clearing out the house and finding old CDs, appliances and toys to sell is a win-win, as you can make money while tidying up your home for summer. Using sites like eBay and Facebook’s marketplace makes the process of listing items for sale simple, and you’d be surprised at what you can earn with the stuff you aren’t using anymore.

For some, investing is also a great way of making money. With property investment, for example, companies such as RW Invest offer opportunities in burgeoning UK markets such as Liverpool and Manchester, which could prove lucrative as the demand increases for companies looking away from London.


Monetise your skills

In The Dark Knight, The Joker says “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”, and while you probably shouldn’t be taking advice from Batman’s arch-nemesis, he does kind of have a point. With online marketplaces such as Esty and social media platforms like Pinterest that allow you to share your creations, it is now easier than ever to take a hobby or craft you’re into and put it up for sale. Have a painting in your home that friends often compliment? Or a crafted piece of jewellery that you are often asked about? Your hobby might be something that’s very much in demand.

For those looking to collaborate on a project, networking on social media is also a great way of finding opportunities. Daisie, a new app from Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, aims to connect creative people with features such as ‘Question Time’, which gives direct access to industry experts in a particular field for you to pick their brains, and ‘Shared Projects’ so you can reach out to peers for help and support. Finding like-minded people that will get you thinking creatively is a positive, productive way of using social media, as opposed to just trawling through a feed like a zombie, and it can also lead to more professional ties and friendships. In essence, think about how you can spend your time efficiently on social media, not just for monetary gain but also in aiding your passion and creativity.


Ride-hailing and delivery

While these options are not directly do-able from home, driving for ride-hailing apps such as Uber, or delivering for apps such as Deliveroo are great secondary money-making methods. The ability to drop in and out, manage your schedule independently and decide when you want to work gives you more freedom and flexibility to plan around busy family life.

For those living in the London area, Uber rival ‘Kapten’ is certainly worth looking at, even just as a consumer. A French company that has taken direct swipes at Uber avoiding VAT in the UK, Kapten is covering congestion and clean air fees on behalf of its drivers, and offering weekly payments, 100% share of any tips received, and even free equipment for your phone when getting started. Like Uber, both apps are intuitive and easy to use, so they can be a great way of earning money if you are a confident driver.