You Turn 5, 7 & 10

I seem to have blinked, and all the kids turned another year older, I also realised I’ve not really recorded this here on the blog, time seems to be slipping away quicker than I can blog about it. But wouldn’t it be nice for the kids to look back one day and hear exactly what they got up to on their 5th, 7th & 10th birthday.

Charlotte kickstarted the birthday’s back in February (how has it been three months already?) by turning 5. This felt like a huge milestone as it meant we no longer had a child under 5, which was a strange thought and that’s all we’ve known throughout the last ten years. She had school that day, but we started it off with a breakfast of pancakes with a ridiculous amount of chocolate as the filling. When she got home, she opened her presents and awaited the arrival of 4 of her school friends who were coming over for a tea party. The girls had so much fun dancing to the tunes they choose via Alexa, playing pin the horn on the unicorn and pass the parcel. A huge fresh cream cake was adorned with five candles, which were blown out as quickly as the cake was demolished. I think she had a fantastic time and she’s already planning her 6th birthday party.

We then had our first double-digit birthday as Oli turned 10, the first birthday to make me feel old, I like to think his birthday was pretty epic as he was surprised by the visit of his cousins and family from England. The celebrations were double the celebration as it was his dad’s 30th birthday the next day, so it was a fun few days. He got to celebrate it with his friends a week later with a sleepover and a stupid amount of time spent playing Fortnite. Present wise, we took him shopping and let him pick out things he wanted, we came back with many more Pokemon cards for his collection, a couple of remote control cars and a few other things which are probably already gathering dust as I write.

The last birthday for a while (mine is in at the other end of the year in October) was Dylan’s who turned 7. I always forget that Dylan’s birthday is upcoming, unlike his brother and sister who will count down the months/weeks/day to their birthday, Dylan has no concept of what one is. We didn’t do anything for his birthday; he didn’t even get a gift; our upcoming trip to Discovery Cove will be the greatest gift we could give him. It was a bank holiday here in Ireland so he didn’t have school and he was just getting over the chicken pox so the only thing we did was take him to our local shop and let him choose his favourite bits, the set routine in this shop is for him to grab a small chocolate milk, a pear twister lolly and a small pack of randoms and Cadbury chocolate buttons, he has to get these same 4 things every time we go into this shop.  The next day he went back to school, and for the first time, he wore a birthday badge, and he wore it with great pride, and it let everyone know it was his birthday.