5 Things To Look Forward To After Easter

Anyone else still living off Easter eggs? We are in that post-Easter funk where chocolate is still being considered as an alternative to the main meal and eggs are falling out of cupboards when you open the doors. This is the time of the year I most look forward to as the weather starts to become warmer, you step outside to be greeted by colours, and everyone tends to be in a much happier mood. Here are some more things we look forward to after Easter:

Reduced Chocolate

There are plenty of chocolate deals to be had now that Easter is over, you’ll find that all the Easter chocolate will be reduced which is a great way to stock up on eggs for next year (just check the expiry date first) or even stock up on some chocolate to give as gifts. We have a May birthday in this house, and we get to buy in chocolate to hide for a chocolate egg hunt, there’s no rule to say you can’t enjoy an egg hunt any time of the year.

Change In Weather

We can officially get the kids garden toys out and even leave it out overnight without risk of them getting drenched. The cover can come off the patio table and chairs, and they can be dusted off ready for a season of family gatherings and BBQs. Even though gardening is an all year round activity I find that we tend to be more green-fingered once the sun is out, it’s becoming a family tradition that we head to the local garden centre to pick out a pot of flowers each to plant in our garden.

Family Time

After Easter, there are more bank holidays to look forward to, and as a family, I find that we tend to do more baking on bank holidays. Fairy cakes are easy to make because you only have to measure the ingredients and mix them all in one bowl. Using an electric whisk will make mixing much easier, but there’s nothing like a wooden spoon for a toddler to get involved too. Use teaspoons to measure the batter into separate cases and then bake for around 15-20 minutes. Once they are cooled, you can go a bundle on the icing and chocolate toppings – a real joy for creative kids who like to get a bit messy!

Summer Holidays

Most families would have booked a holiday the year before which means we are now getting closer to that time where it’s acceptable to start preparing your holiday clothes and thinking about what essentials you need to pack. If you’ve not booked one then there are plenty of deals to be had if you shop around, our tip would be to look at flights separately via a travel search site and the same with your accommodation.


Now is the time to plan your festival season, there are so many different festivals available to suit all ages and hobbies. We love attending food festivals as we get to try and shop new foods and these usually cater to the whole family by putting on kids entertainment. Music festivals are popular all over the world, there are festivals with big names headline, and there are smaller festivals usually put on in smaller towns and cities with less known headlines but can be just as much fun.