10 Years Of Me, The Man & The Kids

Well, technically it has only been four years of Me, The Man & The Kids as before there was that Me, The Man & The Baby for six years. Me, The Man & The Baby was about right until our third, and the last child left her baby days behind, became a toddler and had the cheek to become a fully-fledged child, currently at the age of 5, going on 15. It was pointless having that switch to Me, The Man & The Toddler when that was about to whizz by in a blink of an eye. So along came Me, The Man & The Kids and it’s something which can now grow with us until the end of time. I wouldn’t mention how it would still suit us if the day came that we had grandkids because that would freak the man out if he were to read this.

Our eldest Oli has just turned 10, and with this, our blog has turned 10, it was a few days after his birthday that it dawned on me that my little corner of cyberspace had also become ten years old. It’s come out of nowhere, one minute it was turning six years old, and I thought that was crazy and now all of a sudden I have had it for ten years. It’s a massive part of our lives in the way that’s it’s opened so many doors that wouldn’t have otherwise opened, we have attended events as VIPs, got to see shows like Glee Live from a box, watching the women win the cricket world cup , been ambassadors for brands such as LEGO, LEGOLAND, Stokke, Sea Life and Playmobil and not forgetting how much we have saved on all those expensive baby items as we entered into review collaborations with brands. The more work I have put into my blog over the years, the more I have got out of it. Just next week I’m being interviewed for a digital marketing assistant job, something which has stemmed from my ten years of social media experience.

I honestly do not know where in the world we would be without our blog; it has shaped our lives. I have grown as a mother alongside an online world filled with fellow mothers always on hand with advice, their parenting tales and night feed company/conversations. The friendships I have made online have gone from being virtual online chats to chats over actual drinks in a pub, I know I can reach out anytime to these online friends, and they’ll always be someone listening.

My blog has reflected the way I have changed as both a mother and as a person, those 10 years were my 20s, they were mostly spent pregnant/raising little ones, you can tell this by looking back through my blog how I concentrated so much time on blogging about pregnancy issues and sharing details about those first few years of their lives. Then the love for my blog started to dwindle, then along came this discovery of travelling together as a family and with that a spark was reignited for my blog, I found such satisfaction out of hitting ‘publish’ on a post documenting our adventures, these are the kind of posts I want my children to read as they get older and discover that their mum has kept a record of their youth right here on Me, The Man & The Kids.