We’re Off To Walt Disney World In Orlando!


Yes, you read it! Me, The Man & The Kids are off to Walt Disney World in Orlando this May! *Cue screams of excitement*

Like all our travels, things just happen, the idea of Orlando was planted in our last month head and with that came five seats booked on a plane to Orlando. Then came the idea that if we’re heading to Florida then we HAVE to visit Disney World, and that happened just as quickly as the flights did, one minute I’m on the Disney site playing around with their packages and then the next I’m calling the man at work to tell him I’ve booked 5 nights in a Disney hotel and we have our park tickets sorted.

We still have the other nine days to plan activities for; we possibly have a blog collaboration in the pipeline which you’ll be the first to hear about if it becomes a reality. There is so much to do in Orlando that I think we might need to book a holiday when we get back to relax from all the adventures we plan on having.

Ever since we booked it’s been a blur of Disney vlogs and Disney restaurants menus, we are all ridiculously excited. Part of me wishes I could show you some kind of reveal video to the kids, one like OneDadOneBlog reveal. But the kids were in on the idea of going to Disney from the moment we started to consider visiting Disney, they’ve been lucky enough to go to Disneyland a few years ago, exactly 3 years ago today we boarded a flight to L.A to spend a couple of weeks in California and a few days exploring the parks at Disneyland Resort.

Typically the one child who got the most of out that experience was the one who we didn’t have to pay entry for as she was only two at the time. She LOVED the days that we spent going on rides and hunting out characters, we had the most fantastic time, never had to queue for character meets, the park wasn’t as busy as what it usually is, it’s going to be hard to beat the experience that we had on that Disney trip. I cannot wait to make more precious, priceless memories like the ones below.




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