Tips For Mums To Relax At Home

For busy mums with babies in the house, it’s naturally hard to find a moment here or there to relax, let alone an entire evening. But at some point, you’ll find, as all mothers do, that it’s absolutely essential to carve out some time for personal relaxation now and then. Whether that means bringing in babysitters so you can get out of the house, organising a date night with your other half, or something else altogether depends on your situation and preferences. But here are a few general tips for how to take a night to relax right at home in the simplest ways!

Don’t Make Plans

If you plan a specific evening of relaxation, it’s almost sure to be interrupted or ruined by responsibility. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to do certain things for certain amounts of time – just plan on relaxing in general. Have Some Wine, obviously, you can’t overdo it as a mother to a young child, but go ahead and stop by M&S for a nice bottle of wine! In all of the stress and bustle of having a baby around, it’s remarkable how much a glass of wine can help you to relax.

Bring Food In

If you’re hoping to relax at home, don’t plan on cooking or working out your own meal (unless you’re one of those people who finds cooking soothing). Order delivery, or bring food in, so that you have one less thing to worry about. It also means less washing up and let’s admit it; we all hate the mundane task of having to wash up.

Consider Home Exercise

Many mothers, despite being exhausted, find the idea of exercise to be a relaxing one, and there’s certainly something soothing about caring for your own body. As mums who have gone through childbirth, this brings a greater chance of experiencing a weakened pelvic floor. A way of improving it is via pelvic floor muscle exercises. They don’t require sophisticated equipment or expensive gym clothing either. They are exercises that can be done anywhere, in the comfort of your home or when you are out and about, at work and so on, but try to figure out a way to do it conveniently at home during your relaxing evening.


What better way to make the most of a night in than to catch up on sleep? Create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom and settle down with a good book and some mood lighting. Try and avoid any technology before bed and if you do have to look at your phone, use the blue light filter setting and reduce the brightness.

Get Outside

Try to spend some time relaxing outside. At least in the early days, you’re probably cooped up with your baby quite a bit, so take the opportunity to soak up some outdoor atmosphere. A cup of something warm on the porch with a good book can work wonders.