He’s Going to School!

DID YOU HEAR THAT? HE’S GOING TO SCHOOL! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY! This is even more exciting than the fact we’re going to Disney World!

To catch you up on what has happened since I posted ‘He’s Not Getting The Education He Deserves‘ a few weeks ago. We never heard back from the SENO (surprise, surprise) who said she was going to chase up the transport situation, and to this day we’ve still not heard anything from her, nice of her to check in right?

We, however, got a phone call off a local guy who deals with transport to say he was sending the application up to Dublin and explained the process to us, how it was likely we would get a grant so that we could take himself, which obviously isn’t possible as we have just the one car which goes to work with the man and then I have the other kids to get to school. That very afternoon we had a phone call from a lady in at the department of education transport department who said exactly that, that we had been approved for the grant because Bus Eireann who operate the school transport scheme on behalf of the department who no available service available to meet Dylan’s needs and our next step was basically to put in writing that this option wasn’t doable for us.

She told us she was going to send the letter which would be coming in the post to us via email so that we could reply to her straight away and get the ball rolling quicker. All of this had me amazed, I thought it was going to take us weeks maybe months to hear back from someone up in Dublin. It goes show how quickly this all happened and how it could have all moved along sooner if that SENO hadn’t put a block to all of this.


We heard back from the local transport guy a couple of days later to say they had approved him to go about seeking out a local firm to provide the transport Dylan needs to get to and from school. Cue me sobbing like a little girl who had just dropped her ice cream, I was an emotional mess, to hear this, to know that someone was sorting out the very thing which is needed to enable him to go to school. Just check me out in that video at the start of the post, that was me just coming off the phone knowing that this fight was almost over.

The lady in Dublin and this local guy were more helpful than the SENO has even been to us, the one person who should have been on our side from day 1. I’m still curious to know what her job description is because it certainly isn’t to help children in her area find the school place they need. Dylan’s new school have been fantastic with their liaisons with the transport service, and I cannot thank them enough for all they’ve done for us since we came and checked out the space that was available at the school for him.

I have been his mother, his carer, his teacher, his speech and language therapist, his occupational therapist and of course, I’ll continue to be all those things, but I’ll no longer have to take on all these roles by myself, and this makes me so happy, I could cry, again.