A Hassle Free Guide to Moving Home

There will be so many processes you will need to go through and steps you need to take when you move house, which can quickly result in mounting stress if you are mentally unprepared. However, if you want to make the process a doddle and limit anxieties, simply read the following hassle-free guide to moving home. Although moving is considered one of the most stressful events a person can go through, it doesn’t have to be!

Browse the Market for the Best Mortgage Provider

The mortgage you choose can determine your future finances. If you want to enjoy a comfortable future, you must carefully choose the right mortgage deal and provider. This will ensure you receive the best rate from a respected company. If possible, try to lock in a low-interest fee with a fixed mortgage rate. Also, look for providers with exceptional reviews, as they might be more willing to negotiate on interest rates, late payments and early repayment fees in the future.

Start the Packing Process

Once a sale has been agreed by a seller, you should seriously start thinking about the packing process. You should start by obtaining your packing materials, which some removal companies may also provide. You could also acquire boxes for free from a supermarket or wine merchant. Don’t forget to label and/or colour coordinate boxes, so you can quickly place them into their corresponding room. Also keep the in-demand items within reach, such as the kitchen utensils and the bathroom items like toilet roll.

Choose a Dependable Removal Firm

Once you have signed the paperwork and received the keys, you can move your belongings into your new address on the moving in day. Research the market to find the best removals firms in your local area, as they can determine whether you have a smooth or stressful experience. Read reviews to only consider removal companies that turn up on time, help unloading boxes and offer an affordable fee. You’ll also want to pick a firm that will not damage anything during your furniture removal or belongings during transit. Ask your loved ones for any recommendations, as a glowing review could help you discover the best firm at the best price.

Redirect Your Mail and Utilities

You will not want to continually return to your old address to pick up your mail, which is why you should inform the Post Office to redirect your mail on your moving in date. This will ensure your letters turn up at your new address. You should also contact your utility providers to ensure you are not only set-up for gas, water and electricity within your home, but that you will not be landed with any bills for utilities used within your old address after you have moved home.