5 Of The Best Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Photo by Chantal de Geus from Pexels

Curly hair is a blessing. After all, curly locks can look gorgeous and give your hair bounce and volume. In fact, the celebs are always adding waves to their locks for the red carpet. However, as much as curly hair can look beautiful, it is a terror to keep under control. After all, it’s easy for your hair to go more frizzy than curly after a hard day in the office.


If you don’t keep your hair in good condition, those curls will take a tumble. Therefore, you need to keep on top of looking after your fragile locks so that your curls stay in good shape. Here are five of the best hair care tips for curly hair.


Do go for hair treatments


Curls tend to need more moisture than straight hair. If they are lacking in moisture, they will lack style and look unhealthy. Therefore, one way you can keep the condition of your curly hair good is by getting regular hair treatments. These will ensure your hair keeps its natural shine and shape. It will give your curly hair the moisture it needs to stay looking on point.


You can get a range of treatments when you go to the hairdressers. For example, if you go to a salon such as NUYU, they will conduct a hair treatment that gives you moisture and repair. They can do this after doing your regular cut and blow dry. That way, you will have fresh new curly locks that look beautiful after going to the one appointment. Also, apply hair masks at home which will also help to care for your hair. Just make sure you buy the right one for your hair condition so that you can keep your curls looking healthy.


Skip the brush, opt for a wide comb instead


Brushing your hair can often lead to disaster when you have tight curls. In fact, you could end up damaging the curls and it might not curl as naturally. As it says on Good House Keeping, each curly hair is fragile and is a breaking point.


Therefore, you could end up having to cut the broken end off if you do regularly use a brush for your curly locks. Therefore, skip the brush and go for a comb instead. Using a wide comb will ensure you can gently release any knots from your hair to keep your curls in good condition.


Don’t wash your hair every day


It’s easy to go for the shampoo every time you head into the shower. After all, you might feel your hair looks oily and greasy after a long day. But if you do head straight for the shampoo every night, you are likely to do more damage than good. For one thing, it will cause your curly hair to dry out. It will then lose its shine and will actually look unhealthy.


Washing it too often can cause problems for curly hair such as losing moisture which can cause dryness and dandruff. As it says on Naturally curly, some hair types actually only need washing once a week while others are best 2-3 times a week. Therefore, keep your hair in good condition by skipping shampooing every day.


Don’t overheat those curls


To style those curls, we often opt for a pair of straighteners or curling tongs that will help us to get that beautiful look. But while you can use these to get your desired shape, you need to make sure that they aren’t too hot. After all, the heat can actually dry out your hair and cause them to lose their natural curl.  


Therefore, make sure that you do turn down the heat so that it doesn’t cause your hair to get dehydrated. Also, giving your hair a break from using these styling tools is a great way for your hair to get its strength back.


Do cut the ends of your curls regularly


It’s so important to say ta-ra to your dead ends ASAP. All they do to your hair is bring down the condition and will cause your hair to frizz. Therefore, when you do get a split end, make sure you do get your hair cut. That way, your hair will stay in good condition without the breakage pulling it down. Giving it a regular cut will help your hair to stay in the best condition possible. You then don’t have to worry about hiding these dead ends too.