The External Memories

It’s been a long time since I cried so much before bed that I woke up looking like I’ve been out boxing all night, but that’s exactly what I discovered when I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning. Looking back on how much I cried in the husband’s arms last night I feel guilty, you would have thought that I had lost somebody the way I was reacting. Even this morning I was still distraught casting aside the man’s messages in an attempt to make me smile.

This is all over my external hard drive which no longer wants to work but instead, greet me with a clicking noise. I’m feeling very silly today as I realised all it took was a little knock to the drive for it to break. A knock which could cost me hundreds and that’s if the data is recoverable, data which is ten years of photos, every single photo I’ve ever taken. From the horrendous grainy photos from those phones with terrible cameras to the more recent ones which I am incredibly proud of. Pictures of the children, from the pregnancies to the day they were born and everyday since. The odd video including all those special first moments that I was lucky enough to catch.

It should have been a top priority of mine to have kept them all updated; I’m often checking in with my blog host to check all is well with my blog and that it’s backed up in case anything may happen, so why didn’t I treat my hard drive in the same way? With all these online storage options, I could have easily just set it all to upload to one of my choosing, or I could even have got that extra external hard drive which would have been my back up in case my current one got broke.

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I’ve found a place via the wonders of Google that I can hopefully take it to, a data recovery specialist, though it does sound like it may set me back financially with the cost of what needs to be done. I’m looking at a €50 fee just for handing it over to be looked at, and then the price starts from €150 for the recovery depending on the size and the job needed, with ten years worth we could only imagine what the size of all those files combined are.  I’m clock watching waiting for the man to come home from work, the moment that car lands on the drive, it’s straight off to the recovery place to see what can be done.

We have the memories stored in our heads, I have the memories (the ones that I did write up) here on the blog, and I have the chance to make new ones with the four people who mean more to me than any external hard drive. I remember this right now as I interact with the kids, brooding away, feeling sorry for myself just isn’t the way to go about this. I know there is a chance I can get it all back, even if the savings take another hit (another blog post in itself) and I’ve got another chance to back up my priceless memories.